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Could this be endometriosis?

Hi guys.. Im sick of going to doctors, telling me "This is a normal part of being a woman" "Nothings wrong with you!" "You are imaginating it". I'll explain my story. Im a 15 year old girl, virgin, never did drugs, never drank alcohol. I started my period at almost 12. My periods were often painful, and i always thought its a normal thing. When i was 14 a really stupid decision of mine to start dieting.. I developed anorexia and my period stopped for 9 months. I got it back when I recovered, everyting was normal for another 9 months. I felt something weird in my pelvic area.. I wouldnt call it pain, just a discomfort feeling. I wasn't on my period.  Eventually it got abit worse, and I was scared.. After 5 days it went away. I thought it was gone, but after 2 weeks it came again, this time worse. My mom took me to a gynecologist, checked me on Ultrasound, everything okay.  I noticed my pain goes on and off, but when it starts it lasts for weeks. Eventually i got blood tests - normal, urine tests- normal, hormonal levels-  normal, except high prolactin. They told me i cant have such extreme symptoms from it. They gave me a bunch of antibiotics for various things. For cystitis, even thought i didnt have it. For some sort of infection (i had a high temp), and another one in the hospital. I noticed when i have this  pain my breasts look puffed and "square-ish" (i havent been wearing a bra).  For 1 month i was feeling much better, and I thought i was healing from whatever was wrong with me. After my period ended, i had pain again for almost 2 weeks. Again, getting worse. It feels like i have a bunch of rocks where the uterus and bladder are. It feels slightly burning in the pelvis. Im trying to figure out which is causing it, but i really cant. It seems like, something between them. I had more tests done and they found out i have candida glabrata in my vagina and abit in the urine.  Sometimes i have urinary symtpoms, such as peeing every 1-2 hours and it seems abit "hard" to pee. I think this is from the candida, but they tell me no, your symptoms cant be this extreme. Im soo confused, no doctor takes me seriously and nobody wants to help me. I search on the internet and all i find is "Endometriosis" and "Interstitial cystitis". I asked my doctors what if i have this, but they always tell me No way a 15 year old girl can have this. Do i really have pain just like that at random times lasting for weeks? Its really weird!! I heard it can be genetic, my mom doesnt have anything like this but my grandma has something similar to endometriosis as how she described it. IM really scared guys.. I want to feel better, but whenever I do, after weeks this feeling comes back again. I just want it to stop but i cant even find the cause. I know I can do laparoscopy or cystoscopy to be sure, but i dont want to. Its not worth the risk. I dont want to put stuff inside of me and cut me open. Side effects are too scary. Please guys, what do you think i could have? Tell me your opinions
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The only way to 100% diagnose Endometriosis is through minimally invasive surgery. With someone who specializes in the disease being key and using the excision method. So not a regular gyno or obgyn. I can help you find one if you are interested.

Free fluid in the pelvis when endo is suspected is usually an indicator or moderate to severe disease as well as any Endometriomas.

I think you need to go to a specialist or you will end up as frustrated as you are right now
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I forgot to add, I had a CT scan, and all they found was free fluid in the pelvic cavity and a "cyst-like" growth. However on the ultrasound they told me i dont have any cysts.
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