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Depo Provera from Hell

I was diagnosed with Endometriosis in July 2013. I had surgery to remove the endo in August 2013. I went on birth control after the surgery to help with the pain from the endo. The pills were not working at all so I went to my gyno and told him that the pain was not getting any better. He told me that he was going to try the Depo Provera shot, because that would be a more effective pain reducer and would help the endo from not coming back. I took the shot in the middle of December 2013, and started bleeding the beginning of January. I was not due to take the next shot until March, but I was still bleeding in February consistently. I called the doctor again and said that I was still bleeding, and they told me that I could either come and take the 2nd shot early or wait it out. I waited a week to see if the bleeding would hopefully stop, and it didn't. I went back at the end of February to get my second shot. The bleeding persisted for two weeks afterwards and then stopped. After three days of no bleeding, it started up again. I have been bleeding ever since. I went back to the doctor and told them that I was still bleeding, so they put me on a provera pill to take for two weeks and gave me bc pill to start after I was done taking the Provera pill. I am almost done with my first packet of bc pills and I am still bleeding. This bleeding isn't just bleeding either, I am having cramps and clots just like a normal period. It has been almost 5 months now that I have been bleeding straight through. The provera shot also made me extremely tender and thin. Everything hurts. Any suggestions of what I can do? My doctors office always just tells me that my body needs to get used to it.
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Sorry thts tht same thts happening to me . Change ur gynecology. Mine comes out litgth now sometime i get weak bt  they do nothing i had to change my gynecologist to get litte delase i refused to ake tht depot shot ever  again cuz u bleed too much change ur doctor and see . K good luck.
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I am sorry to hear you are going through this and the bleeding should have stopped however there are women that this happens too.

What you need to do is find an Endo specialist. There are only a handful worldwide for 179 women that suffer with Endometriosis. Let me know where you live and I can let you know who is the best in your area.

Excision (cut out) of Endo is the only way to achieve any form of relief. Excision gets to the root where laser only gets the surface of the disease. Lesion not only feed off Estrogen they have Estrogen in them as well. If the Endo is not excised completely it will continue to grow no matter what med you are on to stop the periods.

You could also possible have Adenomyosis not sure if you have heard of that but it goes hand in hand with Endo.

Let me know where abouts you live so I can find you a surgeon in your area that knows what he/she is doing.  
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Thank you for the information. I am going to go see an endocrinologist this week to see if they can help with the hormones. I live near Chicago so there is probably one of those doctors there. Since I have stopped taking the BC pills I feel like the endo pain has gotten worse, which is expected, but I am hoping that my body will naturally adjust my hormones. I know that my gyno said that if I don't get better I will need a hysterectomy. I had the endo surgically removed in August 2013. Said I was stage 3 of 4. I never got any relief after the surgery. It actually made it worse to where I regretted getting the surgery. I have absolutely NO sex drive BC of the pain and hormone imbalance to the point where it is ruining my relationship. I am 23 years old, and I shouldn't be having these problems until I at least hit menopause or a little before lol don't want to know what that's going to b like if I'm having these issues now.
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Okay so you have three doctors in your area however one of the top surgeons who I highly recommend Dr. Koh who is in Millwakee I think is your best bet. Most gynos tell their patients that a hyster will cure or get rid of Endo and that is lie and so many women have them because they listen to uneducated doctors that are not up to date with how to deal with Endo.

The only way you can get rid of Endo and at least feel 80-100% better is to see an Endo specialist that excises the endo not laser. Excising gets to the root of the disease and cuts it out laser just the surface and it makes a huge difference.

Dr. Charles Koh & Dr. Grace Janik

Reproductive Speciality Center,
2015 E. Newport Avenue,
Suite 707,
Columbia Street,
Mary's Hospital Medical Arts Building,
Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
T: (414) 289-9668

*Dr. Koh is recommended by Dr. Redwine as the most skilled endometriosis surgeon in the USA.

Dr. Koh:
Specialisation: GYN only
Bowl/urinary tract surgery: Does all urinary tract and bowel work. Ubersurgeon!

Dr. Janik:
Specialisation: GYN only
Bowl/urinary tract surgery: Unknown
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