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Has anyone been able to get disability due to debilitating endometriosis? I've been denied twice now and I don't know if I should even have hope for this anymore. I can't sleep cuz of the pain, can't eat most of the time, can't walk very far before the pain ramps up to 20, experience these things every day now(this used to just be what my period was like) and they get worse almost 3 weeks before my period, which is erratic. I've been to gyno after gyno and had a lap that put me in pain I'd never imagined for a whole year plus the ridiculous bloating that whole time. I can't even have sex anymore and stopped trying to a year ago, cuz the attempts were too sad and too painful. I'm only 25 and my friends and family didn't support me and abandoned me, thinking, I guess, that this stuff was all in my head and I was just looking fro sympathy. I've been to the ER so many times and they treat me so awful, I'll die before I go back. I've never gotten any pain medicine but the darvocet right after surgery, which did nothing for the pain but knocked me out within 10 minutes. I've been to clinics and pain speacialists who treat me like a "drug seeker" and my boyfriend takes care of me as best he can, but we don't even have enough money to have a car or buy food. I just want to know if I there's hope in getting disability, cuz I don't see much point in living if it's gonna be a strain on my bf for the rest of our lives. Does anyone have any advice?
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I can't comment on the medical aspects but as for being denied for SSI or SSDI I've represented people at Social Security hearings and had 51 winning cases over the last 5 years and I currently volunteer at a non profit. Unfortunately I don't live in your state so I can't represent you but indepedent living centers can provide free non legal representation. Locate the one in your area and give them a call and see what they can do for you. You need strong documentation from your doctor and you may have to keep appealing but its worth it. Contact me if you need more information:
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Oh thank you so much, tremendously, thank you!! I've had surgery to diagnose and, I had hoped, cure me. Surgery is the only way to diagnose endometriosis and the surgical report documents deep implants and involvement with multiple organs, so I was astonished that I was denied.
I have no doctor and no insurance and the gyno who diagnosed me was quite horrible to me after I didn't show any improvement following surgery and instead got worse, then refused to see me for anything other than an injection of a cancer-fighting drug, so that she could open me up and remove the tumor on my uterus. I really am glad that the cancer isn't diagnosed, other by sight. She was positive it was a cancerous tumor, so much so that she would not even biopsy it when she was in me removing the implants and adhesions for fear of spreading it and making it worse. Honestly, I don't even know that endo is the problem, but my symptoms are all the same as it. Maybe everything she removed from me that day was cancerous tissue, but we'll never know cuz she didn't have it biopsied, which every other doctor I've spoken to over the course of this nightmare says is just unheard of unless the presence of cancer cannot be mistaken.
I'm worried that my choice to treat my illness naturally is hurting my chances of disability as well. That med section on the form is blank. I have a restricted diet and use superfoods and vitamins to keep myself as well as I am. I was using the VIBE machine regularly, but can no longer afford to. Have you known of such a lifestyle to prevent one from getting approved?
Well, thanks again for all the help. I'm gonna look into getting representation. I'll let you know how it goes :] Take care<3

Love and Light,
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