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Do I have Sciatic Endometriosis

I am 39 years old and have for many years experienced leg pain just before and during my cycle. I just accepted this as being one of many symptoms experienced by women and took Ibuprofen. I was on the combined pill. Years later I was advised to try the minipill, which did not suit me. My husband had a vasectomy to that I could avoid taking the contraceptive pill.  I now experience lower back and leg pain - most severely mid month! Along with other symptoms, bloating, dizziness, groin pain both sides, constipation and diahr, fatigue. Just gettting up from sitting can be extremely painful and it takes a minute or so to get my mobility back. I have recorded what symptoms I experience each month and there IS a repeat pattern. 2 months ago I had a diag laparosocpy performed. Te results were - mild endo with small cysts on each ovary, adhesions attaching my bowl to my abdomen. Uteral Sacral appeared normal. My next consultancy appointment is i believe to discuss what they have found and whether treatment is optional. I hope to god it is!! can anyone relate to this?
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I have a Sciatica problem and also endo I wonder if the two could be the result of the same problem of if they are each different. Last August I had surgery to remove adhesion and also very large cysts of my right ovary but all the symptoms u are listing I have...Then last Monday they found two more cysts and more thickening of the uteral lining...So I know where you are coming from....Im ready to scream take everything out yet...I want a baby so bad......

Surgery has been my only treatment so I don't really know what else can be done...I heard BC but I really don't want to go on it due to wanting to get PG and also the side effects.
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I too can relate to everything you are feeling.  Here is a little bit of my history


I don't have any answers for you-but I also have the sciatic pain.  It used to be only on the right side (I do have a herniated disc to the right) but lately it is on the left more.  This always coincides with ovarian pain as well.  I will be very curious to see what your doctors tell you, mine seem to not be taking me very seriously.
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Thank you. My consultation is on 11 May 2009. I will indeed give feedback.
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Well, I attended my gynae appointment. Saw someone different and was told that they were prescribing the combined pill microgynon (3 month trial). How this will help I do not know so will investigate further. What irritates me is that my husband has had a vasectomy so that I did not have to take the pill because of side effects. I was informed by my gp back then that I was also more at risk of thrombosis/stroke at my current age. So which is it to be? Very frustrating! I ad to symptoms I had previously printed. I also at certain times of the month experience numbness in my last two fingers - normally wakes me up several times in the night - also right shoulder blade pain. I thinks that has covered it all....
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I also have lower back pain that radiates down my left leg every cycle.  It only lasts until I get my period and then goes away until the next month.  Very strange!  Seems to me it must be related somehow!
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I take women's ultra mega vitamins..two a day and my leg pain only hit s me once a year if that
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