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Do I have endo?

Hey! I'm 17. I have very heavy periods: night pads during the day, have to change evey 1.5 hours or less for 2-3 days (this means I can't do activity's during these days). During the night I wear 3-4 pads but still leak through during 2 nights. I always thought it was normal until some friends told me it isn't so... I don't have abdominal pain during my period. I do have afwull back pain, some nausea and an overall feeling of sickness during the week leading up to my period every time, but not during my period. Period last for around 8 days, cycle is 20-22 days, period started at 11. Mom had an operation for endometriosis. I've been diagnosed with IBS, had multiple ultrasounds but endo was never mentioned. Should I see a doctor and does anybody have any idea what this might be? Thanks!
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It could be endo, or a number of other things. I do think you should see your doctor.

It might be something that the birth control pill or something can help you regulate, but talk to your doctor first. There are a number of possibilities - I had endo, and my identical twin has PCOS, for example. Your mom having endo might increase your chances for it, but it doesn't mean you do for sure.

Good luck. :)
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