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Doctors wont help me??
According to multiple doctors, I have all of the symptoms of endometriosis and these symptoms are literally ruining my life, but they keep saying they can't do anything else because they don't want to ruin my fertility. I'm firm on my decision to adopt children rather than carry because I have too many health concerns to carry a pregnancy full term & raise a child, but they keep saying I'm young and I'll change my mind eventually and regret getting tests & treatment.

I'd rather die than live like this forever. What do I do?
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Hey, I was diagnosed with endo when I was only 15, I’m now 16. I spent time going to 4 different doctors all having them say it’s endo but I had to live with it. My advice because I know how much it sucks, is to get a laparoscopy to confirm, this Is your decision but it was the best thing I’d ever done x all the best
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I just came across this question while googling my own problems. This sounds a lot like my experience. It's been 11 years for me, but I was able to get pregnant a few years ago and had relief from my symptoms during pregancy and while breastfeeding. Unfortunately when I stopped breastfeeding and my ovulation started up again my symptoms returned. Now I have a doctor who has finally agreed to do a laproscopy and give me some answers.

I've heard the "you're too young" bull ****. I'm sorry you're dealing with that. But all I can recommend is take Yaz birth control, or something similar. That helped me function for years, but it didn't completely alleviate my symptoms. And keep telling doctors what's wrong, don't be discouraged. I wish I had told my doctors more and been more assertive when I was younger, but now I straight up demand answers and that seems to get the message across. I had to insist on the laproscopy.
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The one thing I can say is don't give up there are doctors out there that can help. I had five laparoscopy since I was 18 years old I was having them every 6 months for my endometriosis but I was also getting ovarian cyst that kept rupturing and causing me to have internal bleeding that they would have to go in and do emergency surgery for. I know that they can do a hysterectomy which that's what they finally did to me and it's been almost two years now and it has been the best thing I have ever done. The doctors kept telling me I was too young to have it done and that I might want to have more kids I was lucky enough to have my son but with all my health problems I said no more kids I would rather adopt. It took me years to finally find a doctor that wanted to help me all the other doctors I came across just kept telling me there was nothing they could do for me which was Bull. I was determined and I never gave up if you're hurting that bad please don't give up there are good doctors out there that can help. If you have to just keep going to doctor to doctor to doctor but just keep your head up I know it's hard but hopefully you'll get help soon.
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Laparoscopy was not a satisfactory long-term solution,i have tried before,but the endometriosis pain return later. One of my friend recommended Dr.Lee,who used a new natural treatment help me get cured .So,from my experience,surgery should be the last one choice, tried suitable natural treatment will better.
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