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Does endo cause vaginal burning?

I have been having vaginal burning that comes & goes.  It is worse in the morning when I 1st get up.  I am able to get the burning to go away by drinking a lot of water, but eventually it comes back.  It has been an ongoing problem for 2 months now, but I have noticed similiar problems just before my period starts for a couple of years.  I have been to my obgyn & was treated for an uti, bv, & then yeast.  Then I went back & was told I have strep b...then more antiobotics.  Then my pap was abnormal w/ advanced levels of squamos cells, which I am following up on & I also had an ultrasound and they found a small cyst on my right ovary & multiple cysts on my left.  

My question is this....could some or all of these problems be related to endometriosis???Has anyone else had vaginal burning that eased up after drinking tons of fluids????  Hope someone has some insight!
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No I don't think that is a symptom of endo but it does sound like it could be another yeast infection or BV.  I would get retested.  
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For seven years now I have suffered from the exact same symptoms that you describe. Just two days ago I went to a doctor I recently began seeing and he told me that I have endometriosis and ovarian cysts. From my experience and from all of the knowledge I have recently gained I DO BELIEVE vaginal burning is a symptom of endometriosis. I am so very excited and hopeful that all of the pain I have had to endure for so long now is soon to come to an end. Just next week I am scheduled for my complete hysterectomy. It was the hands down best and most easy decision for me because I have three children already so there's really no want or reason left for me to be against the option. If a hysterectomy is not for you then I would recommend birth control or other medications that are now available to help treat endometriosis symptoms.
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A hysterectomy will not guarantee that the endo will be gone just so that you are aware of that.  I would do some research before you make that decision.  A lot of people are told it will go away only to find out weeks or months later it is back.  
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Also I have never heard of vaginal burning with Endo.  
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Thanks for the responses.  Well my results came back from my colposcopy & ecc & they were normal. Huge reflief! My doctor said that my pap was most likely abnormal because of a bacterial infection that I had.  Even though I am thankful my results were normal, I am still concerned a/b the ongoing vaginal burning that I have.  My doctor did tell me that I have interstitial cystitis, but I haven't read anywhere that is causes intense vaginal burning.  I am scheduled to go in for a hysterosalpingogram next month & I am praying they find out something then.  

Can endometriosis be diagnosed thru a hystero.?  
Hi there. I understand this is an older thread (8 years ago). I wondered if you got to the bottom of your symptoms ? I am having exactly the same and very confused and scared. I hope this message gets to you and you're able to reply. Kindest regards
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