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Does this sound like endometriosis?

I've been having pelvic pain on both sides and stomach aches , sometimes dull and other times sharp, but when it's sharp it only lasts a few seconds. Also been experiencing frequent gas and burping especially after drinking even just water. I start burping immediately and it seems like water makes me full. I also have heartburn/pain in chest/sternum area. I was diagnosed with both ibs and gerd recently but doctors dont seem to know why I have trouble with water, they just tell me to drink more . The most concerning part is that recently along with the pelvic pain, the right ovary area feels painful when pressed and the lower stomach area has been warm to touch. I also had chlamydia and bacterial viginosis recently which I already treated. I also had 2 pelvic exams and both doctors couldn't feel any abnormal growths or masses. 2nd doc was actual gyno, she ordered ultrasound to figure out what's causing pain despite not finding anything. As of right now, the pain in ovary has went away but now I noticed a mass that I can feel from the outside. It's not on the ovary but on the upper part of the vagina like near the pubic bone more to the right. When touching there I feel something. It feels kind of jelly like. And I'm still getting burps/ gas along with bloating after drinking water and stomach cramps/ ache. And quick, sharp abdominal pains and heartburn. My biggest concern is ovarian cancer because I read that a lot of people were misdiagnosed with ibs and acid reflux was also listed as a symptom. But I also read about endometriosis and the symptoms sound similar as well. I don't know what's causing all this or maybe I really do have both ibs and gerd but that doesn't explain the mass I felt in the pubic area. I'm getting frustrated because the doctors don't know what's going on, they blow off anything serious just because I'm young ( 23 ).
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I also would like to add that I've had lower back pain as well but it's off/ on. And it's usually on the right side. And the right leg feels more stiff especially when I lift it.
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Have you had an ultrasound yet to see if there are any cysts?
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