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Due to have uterine ablation procedure

Hi, I am 42yrs young black female, healthy, atheletic, and no kids.  My doctor recently told me I had a couple polyps and I am scheduled for a D&C.  She also mentioned if I am no longer thinking about kids, to go ahead with the uterine ablation.  I want to go ahead with the procedure, but i have a couple questions:

1.  What happens to the blood that normally would release?
2.  Am I really too old to have a kid?  
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There are people that have children at 60 now a days, it just puts you at a greater risk is all.  
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Of course you're not too old to have kids!  Uterine ablasion just removes the built up lining of the uterus, so I would think afterwards all would function as it did before but with lighter periods and maybe a little more infrequently.  I've thought about it but we've been TTC for 4 years now and it's not an option at the moment.  Let us know how it goes if you do it.
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No, you're not too old to have children, but if you have the ablation done you cannot get pregnant.  Is a possibility of death if you do.  Know quite a few women down here who've had it done.  Seems to be the "in" thing for the drs around here to do now.  If you're going to have it done they want you to have your tubes tied first.

Theoretically if you have endometrial ablation you no longer have periods b/c there is nothing to sluff off even though you're still ovulating.  IF, however, they don't do it right you will bleed nonstop and depending on the kind of ablation you have done, can be in a lot of pain afterwards.  The one where they go in and scrape the uterus out and cauterise it is suppose to be the best one, but they have to get every bit of the endometrium out in order for it to work.  If they do the one with the scalding water to sort of boil it out the water can escape and burn other organs, such as the bladder.

If you still want to have children, have the D&C and skip the ablation would be my advice.
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Goodness!  That sounds awful!  I read about a new procedure for endometrial ablation that's done in the office and takes about 90 seconds, makes you wonder how effective that could be.  So, are they saying that this is a good treatment for endo or just for people who have heavy bleeding a lot?  My RE told me that I would eventually have to have the hysterectomy, I'm putting it off, but if it's a permanent thing and will make the endo better it may be worth trying that first...before I let them yank out my Mommy parts, which I'm pretty attached to.  That is, if we try the IUI a couple of times with no luck, I'll be 35 this summer and that's my stopping point as far as TTC.  Not that I think someone over 35 is too old to have children, it's just my personal decision.
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Never heard of a 90 second procedure for ablation, unless maybe it's the boiling water one.

It does not treat endo only heavy periods.  The only cure for endo, of course, is a complete hysterectomy.  With the ablation you will continue to cycle so it's just like having a partial hysterectomy where you have only your uterus removed.  Doesn't stop you from ovulating.  So it would not stop the endo from growing and bleeding, just from any extra leaking out of your uterus.

I'm 38 and with my medical problems there's no way I could have another baby, took me a LONG time to come to grips with this, so am ready to be rid of my "mommy parts".  :^)
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I can't remember the name of the procedure but I looked it up a while back, there are very few physicians who are doing it at this point.  If I'm not mistaken it has something to do with laser or high frequency waves...sounded strange to me.
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