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Endo, Birth Control, and Infertility

I have a few questions about Endo and was hoping that some of you ladies would be kind enough to give me some advice.  I started having painful/heavy periods during college.  My OBGYN at the time recommended birth control, so I took his advice and started it when I was about 21.  It did make me feel so much better, and it was nice to plan my cycles, so I stayed on it for about 4 years.  At that time, I was married and decided to stop taking it so that my body could get back on track on its own and then we could start trying for a baby.

Since being off the bcp, my painful periods are back.  Usually get pelvic pain/cramps and sometimes lower back pain before/during my period.  Also, I get this "tight" feeling in my stomach, and sometimes feel like I can't stand up straight.  Once in a while, I also see a change in bowel movements during my period and may have some pain with intercourse if it occurs shortly after my period.  The major problem now appears to be infertility.  We have been ttc for 2 1/2 years with no luck.  All of my tests (bloodwork, ultrasound, hysterosalpingogram) have come back normal.  I've mentioned my endo concerns to my doctor, but she refuses to do a lap.

I guess my questions are these:  Does this sound like endo?  If so, do I need to have a lap?  As far as the infertility goes, what should I do there?  I've started fish oil supplements because I've heard they can help, but part of me feels like maybe I need to go back on birth control temporarily.  I felt so good and my cycles seemed to do so well after I first quit them, so I'm wondering if I go back and take them for a few months, would that help make me more fertile again?

I would appreciate any advice or stories you can share.  I'm very frustrated and scared and just trying to decide what to do, especially about ttc.  Thank you so much!  My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

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You definitely need to find an OBGYN who knows about endo, and in my experience it's hard to find.  I was diagnosed 7 years ago this month with endo.  That entire year I had seen several docs and had several tests done. I even saw a "world renowned" endo specialist who told me after a pelvic exam I didn't have it.  

I finally found a female doc who LISTENED to me and said she had to do a lap. After all my research, I knew that was the only way to diagnosis endo, so I was so grateful. Sure enough, she fount endo as well as a pint of fluid from burst cysts and scar tissue on my appendix (strange, bcuz I've never had appendix issues, but whatever!).  

Your symptoms sound very similar to mine. It definitely sounds like you should have a lap done.  It frustrates me that more OBGYNS don't learn more about this disease and how to treat it. Several of my friends in college were diagnosed with this, or had the same symptoms as those of us who were diagnosed.  Seems like a crazy epidemic!  Thoughts & prayers with you too!
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Thank you so much!  I agree, it is so frustrating when your doctor dismisses your concerns.  I have been looking for someone who specializes in this and did find one, but he is 2 hours away from where I live.  I'd have to travel to see an infertility specialist anyway if I decided to go that route, so we're probably going to contact someone here in the near future to try to get some help.  I think I could live with the pain and symptoms as long as I could get pregnant, but the infertility part is the hardest.

I'm so happy for you that you were able to find someone to help you.  Thanks again for your advice and for sharing your story, I really appreciate it.  If you think of anything else, let me know.  Take care!
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I am so sorry you have to deal with infertility.  I know first-hand how hard that can be.  I think the most important part of the whole process is finding a doctor who you can trust and will guide you in the right direction.  I really think you should get a lap.  They do those for people who are infertile even without any specific endo symptoms.  And with your history of endo symptoms I would think an infertility specialist would do this right away.  It can help so much in getting pregnant and also you have your questions answered.  I just had my 4th lap as we are trying to get pregant again(have been pregnant 3x but only 1 baby).  We are trying for #2.  I have a pretty significant history of endo and have had great luck with getting pregnant after surgery w/ or w/o medicine.  Find a good doctor and you and your husband will feel a lot better.  I wish you good luck in the New Year!!
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Thank you so much!  I agree, I think with the symptoms I've been having, a lap really is necessary.  My current OBGYN really doesn't have any specialties, so sometimes, especially with the infertility issues, I feel like I have to be my own doctor.  The closest specialist is 2 hours away though, and I need a referral from my doctor, so it's going to be quite a process.  It will be worth it though if it helps us.  I think this is definitely in the plan for 2009.  Congratulations on your family and best of luck ttc baby #2.  I hope you have a new year filled with many blessings as well!  :)
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