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Endo, ectopic, ruptured cyst, or am I going crazy?

I can't get into my doctor until Wednesday. I'm afraid I am experiencing an ectopic pregnancy, though I did a home test on 12/5 and it was negative. I am not in extreme pain, so have not gone to the ER. My symptoms are worsening.

I have listed my symptoms, here. Please let me know if any of you have insight into what I may be experiencing.

* Additional info, I have a history of ovarian cysts, endometriosis (which I've had two surgeries for), frequent kidney stones, and two c-sections (one emergency, one planned). Also, some recent urological issues that remain undiagnosed, after being seen by several doctors at the start of 2015.

Current symptoms:

Four days of “spotting”. (mucus-like, “prun” colored)
Low pelvic cramping (hot, steady, pangs in lower left region)
Pain in shoulders (Mostly right. Increasing throughout the day. Some across chest. Slight similarity to gas pain after surgery, but not quite the same. Not something I’ve felt before. This is increasing as days go by, and the level of discomfort is concerning.)
Low back pain
Breast pain and tenderness (very similar to pregnancy)
Breast discharge (though some, upon stimulation, is normal for me since breastfeeding)
Frequent urination
Trouble starting to urinate
Bladder discomfort
Abdominal and rectal pressure
Joint pain
Negative at-home pregnancy test (12/5)

In the last 3 months, I have been experiencing irregular (more frequent) periods, and overly heavy periods with a lot of clotting

I'm 30 years old. Very active. Extremely fit, with a healthy diet.

Please help?
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It sounds like this could be endo. The spotting you are seeing sounds like old blood and could be from a cyst rupture. I think you should your doctor again as the chest pain, vertigo feelings could be something else.

Are you on medication?
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