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Endo and Gas problems???

I'm curious how many endometriosis suffers have horrible gas (trapped) pain and if its part of it? I have all the symptoms of endo but getting IBS theory for a long time.I've had IBS for 15 yrs but its never been this bad.I constantly "rumble",always have noisy tummy and its embrassing and gets so painful,Not to mention the horrible rectal pain and pressure...ugh I could scream right now.I noticed it gets worse when I ovulate and I been having problems with multiple complex cysts on both ovaries.
     Also wondering what are the chances? since my first lap 2 yrs ago surgeon then didnt see any endo but admitted could be hidden or microscopic.I have a constant "tugging" pain from belly button to pelvic with horrible cramps.This is enough to drive anyone insane! thanks... needed to vent!
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Before I had my surgery i had these exact pains.  Since i was 15 yrs old I would get random sharp pains in my rectum that would literally take me out of my seat or have me bent over in complete pain.  After the birth of my daughter it became much worse. I couldnt even have a BM or gas without being in excruciating pain.  I was told it was IBS as well for 15 yrs, but that is total BS and now I know. If you read my profile you can see what i had done and what they found and maybe the next time you have a lap you make sure they check the sigmoid colon. Since my surgery and everything was removed you have no idea how wonderful it feels to have a BM, TMI i know but really you have no idea i feel fantastic in that area for the first time in 15yrs
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At my last lap they found an adhesion on my colon that they didn't want to mess with, didn't want to puncture the colon...anyway, for the last few months I've had pain when I have a BM.  I go see him on Tuesday and I'm going to ask him about it, I wonder if that adhesion is causing a blockage or something?  Right there with you on the gas thing, it's horrible and embarassing!
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Hi,ty gals for info and support..this is so horrible.I'm having laparscopy again in 2 weeks.I already had a bowel blockage in Sept 07 (small bowel) followed by normal colonscopy.At first I thought it was just still my body adjusting not having gallbladder, I had out in last yr,or maybe adhesions from ruptured appendix last yr too (I had 3 emergency surgeries last yr within 3 months apart) but for last 3 yrs I've had painful bowel movements and gas problem along with bowel issues,always worse around my period then, but now its daily.I've had so many catscans,x-rays,ultrasounds,normal except for complex cysts and free pelvic fluid.
       Yesterday I had worst pelvic/rectal pain,I thought I was constipated so I drinked half gallon of Golytley (yuck!) but nothing much happened,I havent ate alot been on a liquid diet,but it was the pressure and urge made me feel that way so I prob didnt need that stuff.I dont rememeber what a normal bm is like..its been a long time, haha! Juliesmom it very well could be adhesion causing some kind of stricture around bowel,and ticked I read your profile,I have same issues and symptoms of you both.Keep me posted on how your both doing.Sorry so long..had to vent! thanks *hugs*
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this is the place to vent for sure. Let it all out!!!!  I feel your frustration totally.  I was in such pain and they sent me for a barium test and a colonoscopy and pretty much made me feel like i was going crazy but i knew it was more. I am here if you need to vent. Also remind when your surgery is the day before so I can wish you luck :)
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Ladies!!! I have the exact same thing...ugh! Endo on my bladder and bowels and have trapped gas that is so painful it sends me running to the bathroom in pain, sweating and shaking. I have found that activated charcoal tabs (Charco tabs ) do bring me relief, Of course I have to take them frequently, but they definitely help, and they are a natural cure for trapped Gas. You should be able to find them at any pharmacy. I hope this helps you manage your pain.
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Ow my god ! I had a laparatomy in June for removal of endometriomas as well as adhesions and was diagnosed afterwards with stage iv endo also. I have also gone for a colonoscopy, which they could not complete as well as a barium enema for the constant, pain, constipation and gas and they can not find anything. It is so weird that I was also diagnosed with IBS and sent to a gastroenterologist.  Why can't the doctors recognize the link between the endo and the digestive issues ?
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Sounds like my symptoms. My doc thinks its endo so she is giving me a lap next week.
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I have endo on my bowels and they couldn't remove it from my bowels.  I am pretty sure it is still there.  I will have to talk to her before my next surgery.
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Hello - Ive been reading some of  your postings on here and I feel like I need to vent some. I am a 36 yo female and since about the first of April this year (2010) I have been experiencing a multitude of symptoms in my pelvic, abdominal and rectal area. First I was experiencing this weird feeling of "fullness" in my rectal area...like a tennis ball or something was inside and it just felt very uncomfortable. Shortly after this, I began feeling a pretty severe pain in my Left pelvic region, in the back only at the time...and the pain was only with certain movements. A few weeks went by and I started to feel a numb/very light ache feeling across my Left buttock into my L leg. I couldnt sleep at night, I had terrible anxiety associated with this weird pain/numbness/uncomfortable feeling so I started consulting physicians. To date I have had an endoscopy, abdominal ultrasound, lumbar and thoracic MRI, abdominal CT scan and a pelvic ultrasound. The CT scan found a "4 cm cystic structure" on my Left ovary. ..my OBGYN then ordered a pelvic US to check this. The radiologist found 2 small cysts on my left ovary with "minimal free fluid in the pelvis." He determined that the cysts were "relatively benign" but suggested I have a follow up with my OGBYN, which I have scheduled for in about 1 week. I am so frustrated with this pain, numby feeling, and just generally feeling like crap all the time. I at times (mostly when my period approaches) have gas and when I sit I have a numby type feeling in my Left buttock radiating into my L leg. Im basically miserable all the time. I cant say that I have lost my appetite, I eat well and Ive not lost any weight. My bowels seem to work well, I have BMs regularly but sometimes theyre a bit different in "consistency." I do feel at times that I need to have a BM when I dont. I have problems with urination, that seems to be normal as well. Im just frustrated and feeling helpless. Im becoming more and more depressed and I feel terribly exhausted from constant lack of sleep. I would just like some advice or possibly some opinions from those of you who might be experiencing some of my symptoms. Thanks so much - Amy
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I had what they call a rectovaginal nodule.  It was at the tip where the vagina and rectum meet.  I used to get the sharpest pains in my rectum all of the sudden.  It was excruciating. I was told I had IBS as I had these pains, constipation and gas pains.  

After they removed the nodule it was like a different life.  I can go to the bathroom and not be constipated.  I do however still feel random cramping and the pain is so bad when I get gas.  

I am not sure if that will over go away.

Every time I would have paps I would tell them it would hurt, everytime they did a transvaginal I would tell them it would hurt, but it wasnt until 15 yrs later that a specialist I googled off this site finally found it.
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These symptoms sound like mine also.
I have been told I have IBS and have been suffering for a long time.
Since being told I have a cyst on my left ovary, it has become much worse I have to have lap, and they are going to look and see if any endo or adhesions.
Makes me wonder, after reading these posts if it is endo with me, and not even IBS.
As well as these symptoms, I have alot of pain near left ovary, into my groin and down my leg. I also get bad sciatica on that side. The pain is so frustrating, I wish they would hurry up and book me in for op!
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I have those exact same issues. All on the left side but the sciatica that is the right
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My daughter only 17 just got diagnosed with endo.  She is suffering so much.  Missing several days of school a week.  Just wanted to know what you folks do about missing work and school.  Is there a support group she can join.  She is suffering from acid reflux and this with the endo pretty much disables her.  I don't know what to do to relieve some pain.  Please post some remedies.  Thank you.  
Hello, I have found that cutting out wheat and soy completely from my diet made my endometriosis pain go away for a few years. It's slowly coming back even with this diet, so I'm looking into the surgery now. But it sounds like she could benefit from an elimination diet too, and it could help save her organs. If you want to try it, have her cut out all wheat, soy, dairy, added sugars, caffeine, and alcohol (if applicable) for at least a month, then add ingredients back in one at a time, giving it a few days between additions to test for that food's effect. It's one of the hardest but most worthwhile things you can do. I still can't believe everything that has soy (including canola oil spray, most chapsticks, etc that make my pain come back-if she'said sensitive to it too, it's a hard road). But this could greatly help and make every day liveable for her again. Sorry she's going through this.
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Was she diagnosed through a lap? If so when was it? Did they remove all the Endo? Was the surgeon a specialist? Did she go on Lupron or on the BCP after the surgery?

I had Endo since I was 13 I am sure of it and it was debilitating. I came from a very strict family and there was no missing school you had to go no matter what, so I really don't know how to help you with that. Even when I got older that way of thinking stuck as I never took time off work. I would just medicate myself and go.

As for the reflux I had that for an entire year before my surgery and was on Pantaloc until the surgery and I chose to come off it to see if it was the Endo and it was because it never came back.
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Hi net559!

I'm 21 and I've been dealing with these problems since 7th grade, so tell your daughter she's not the only young person struggling, she's not alone!  For the acid reflux my doctor suggested prelief, which is otc and I think helps a lot.  I wouldn't say I'm great at managing my pain, but I find hot water bottles/heating pads help some in addition to otc pain meds or whatever her doctor has prescribed.  I would also suggest yoga-- stretching out slowly as opposed to running or strength training (which might hurt) helps me a lot.

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Hey i've reading some of your postings and i just wannna say that i've 21 yeras old and i've dealing with those problems since High School , I have been experiencing a multitude of symptoms in my pelvic, abdominal and rectal area.

In September 2011 my doctor removed me of endometriomas as well as adhesions on both ovaries and my uterine and was very confortable for me because i went to treatment for one year and later i've been troubles with endo and the doctor put me other treatment.

I know that if i want a family, i have to do plans as soon i can with my boyfriend ....

SO! like Alli715 says : tell your daughter she's not the only young person struggling, she's not alone!

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Ive had it for close to 20 years. Finally got a dr to believe it wasnt just in my head. My endo was all over abdomen. Even passed thru diaphragm. Sadly that stuff was left after endo surgery. Also developed severe adhesions after gallbladder surgery 9 yrs ago. Both endo and adhesions cause proteins to leach thru bowel walls by changing the tissue on the bowel. Makes it absorb less nutrients and allows bigger stuff to pass across. Ive developed a gluten allergy, milk, and some preservatives. These are the proteins my body chose to build antibodies to. So far. Causes bloating, gas, pain, diarrhea, etc. For about 3 days after I eat it. And can from 30 min to a day to start to hurt. I have to be super careful and read labels. Natural flavoring can be anything. Even then, I still can suffer if a part of the food was ran on same machines. Grain elevators, the grill, serving spoon used on multiple items. The adhesions pull things unnaturally and cause radiant pain in back, hips, legs. After surgery I felt great for first 8 weeks. Then adhesions grew back. No real solution to them yet. Drs wont go in for those. They tend to grow back worse supposedly. I dont know all the answers. But the path... Faster you can get the endo. Better youll be. Month wont make a difference. Years.... Ya. Make them believe you that its wrong. Dont accept that its just supposed to hurt debilitatingly for your period. Normal is just light bleeding that can be contained by a pad. When I was a kid I would get bad pain. And masses of blood that were probably about 1cup at a time. Usually upon standing at school. Had a endometial cyst in each ovary. Years of being told I was fine allowed it to spread and become all I said earlier.
Hi am 26 years,I've been feeling abdominal pain from about 2nd grade but doctors keep on telling me it's just period pain nothing is wrong.since recently I went to a doctor and he told me that I could have endo,I haven't taken the surgery as yet,but am wondering if I could still have another child,my baby father want one more but am so afraid to do the test.
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Hello Stephanie, so sorry to hear about your pain! I think I understand where you are coming from, having suffered pretty hardcore from "endo bloat" myself. I haven't been diagnosed with IBS yet, but it was definitely mentioned by my doctors as a possibility.
One thing that I strongly strongly want to "shout to the endo world," as a recommendation is to take one week without dairy. I've suffered from horrible endo cramps for about 17 years now. (Wow, as I type that, I almost want to cry thinking of how long it has really been living with these symptoms!) At my worst point, I think I spent about 2 months straight in bed, and I lost my job and failed my classes (it was during college.) I've seen a million doctors, as we all have, and it is astonishing to me that not one of them ever mentioned the "endo diet," nor the connection between autoimmune diseases (such as endo) and dairy consumption. I'm of Northern European heritage, so I always sort of assumed that people who had issues with dairy tended to be from backgrounds where dairy consumption is low. I grew up drinking milk.. Even lived in France for a few years, so I've always eaten a ton of dairy and been "proud" of it. I was so so so wrong.
All I can tell you is that within a week off dairy, the morning cramps that I woke up with every morning subsided. I almost never have gas anymore, and with that, so much of the pain was eliminated, because when you have endo vines knotting your organs together, the last thing you need is bloat pushing on that. Not to mention, sorry if this is TMI, but the blood from my period changed to a bright red, watery blood from a black, viney seaweed-like deal.
If you are at the end of your rope, try the dairy free. For me, the difference was HUGE.. despite how much I loved cheese, and despite the fact I live in the EU, where we eat a lot of dairy, cheese was so easy to stop eating. Butter, milk, cream, cheese - I gave it all up so easily because the quality of my life is just so so different. Anyway, if you made it to the bottom of reading this, thank you for putting up with my rant. :) I really wish you the best. Don't give up, complain and rant and lean on anyone you need to. I wish you the best of luck.
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Have been drinking 30 tablet before going to do operation, but they didn't help,this pain is too much....
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When it started u can feel the pain, it's like abdominal pain...
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