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Endometriosis, surgery or not?

Hi all, so my dr and gyno are pretty well convinced I have endo. The diagnosis started because I was rushed to hospital with severe abdo pain as well as gastro symptoms, blood tests came back very bad and was rushed for appanedectomy, turns out appendix was fine but I had a lot of retrograde menstruation. Was only a general surgeon though so no further investigations were made at the time. My period pain has been worse ever since that but have passed out from it periodically since a young age. I have been put in different birth control to try and manage symptoms but it has turned me into a fire breathing dragon, I am unsure about the need for surgery if I can just get through with pain killers and I'm told even if I have surgery done I will still need to have birth control to minimise new growths. Just after others experiences with this sort of thing, my partner left me because he figured I won't be able to have children now, is this true?
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Welcome to this forum. I can help you out the best I can.

1) What exactly showed on your blood test for it to be considered bad? Endometriosis can not be detected through blood test just biopsy.

2) If a general surgeon did surgery on you it is almost guaranteed that he didn't remove all the endo. Most gyno's and general surgeons do not have the surgical skill to excise (cut out from the root) the lesions and usually cauterize leaving the endo behind and more scar tissue to form.

3) I would highly suggest that you find an Endometriosis specialist that knows how to excise the disease. You will have an 80% chance of pain relief going this route as well as no repeated surgeries. Additional surgeries can and do happen depending on each person but a good skilled surgeon could make the chances of not having repeated ones. This is very important for you to understand and seriously look into. I can't express this enough. If you need help looking for one in your area I will help you with that no problem. Just let me know where abouts you live and I will give you some reputable names.

4) If Endometriosis is removed from the root it will not regrow and the pill does not stop that from happening. If the endo is not removed Endo continues to grow regardless of what kind of HRT you are on.

5) 1/3 women that suffer from infertility have Endometriosis. That being said if you have endo and you want children you need to take this seriously and see an endo specialist. With proper surgical treatment it gives you a higher chance of conceiving later. That is not to say that everyone with endo is infertile. I have known many that have conceived including myself regardless of staging. Many women I have met that are infertile blame ineffective surgical work done by regular gyno's. That could be partly to blame of course but that isn't concrete. Everyone is different when they have Endo. Not everyone responds the same to treatment and not everyone is infertile and the only way of knowing is to be actively trying for about a year.

I hope this helps you out somewhat in understanding more about your situation. Remember be your own advocate that is the most important when it comes to this disease.
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