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Endometriosis Ovarian Cyst

A few questions regarding chocolate ovarian endo cysts:

1) Has anyone successfully had a large endo cyst of 7-8 cm go away on its own without surgery?

2) Has anyone successfully had a large endo cyst of 7-8 cm go away using medicine (depot shots)?

3) Has anyone used acupuncture to successfully get rid of their endo cyst?

4) Once you get an endo cyst one time, do you repetitively get them for the rest of your life?
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Hi. I had chocolate endo cyst (10cm) and had lap done three years ago. I also had tumor and some complications because it was a very large cyst, and I dont have my right ovary anymore. Since then I was on Yasmin treatment for 2 years after surgery, but the cysts appeared again (on my left ovary), and Yasmin only kept them small. Then they started to grow faster and I had punction done (because I didn't want to go to another lap) few months ago. Since then, I am on Zoladex treatment (wich makes you go into an early menopause) and I have two more injection to take. After that I don't know what is going to happen. I tried some herbal treatments in meantime, but nothing helped! But, that's my case. It depends of your organism and hormons. The only natural and the only cure that really works to get rid of endometriosis is pregnancy! Doctors say that while women are pregnant, there is a perfect harmony in their body (the hormons are in a perfect harmony), and endometriosis disapear (maybe for 6 years, maybe forever, it depends of your body). Some women have problems even after pregnancy, but that is rare. In most of the cases, endometriosis is gone. After I finish with my Zoladex treatment I will try to conceive (that's recomendation from my doctor and few other doctors). So, talk to some doctors and they will give their oppinions and you decide what are you going to do. I strongly hope that you will not have some bigger problems and that everything is going to be ok!
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I believe that 7-8cm is pretty big.  I am not sure if anything other than surgery will remove it to be honest, the hormone therapy just supresses it, but doesnt get rid of it.  I had a lap done last year, and within 10 months I had pain again.  I was put on Loestrin 24, continuous, have no had a period in 10 months.  Last month started getting pain again, had an ultra sound and found three cysts, all less than 2cm. The doctor told me anything bigger than 2cm would require another lap to see if they were endometrial.  I am thankful i dont have to have another lap, because it was miserable.  I am married now and 34 years old, so Im going to try to get preggo asap!  If it doesnt work on my own for 2 cycles, IM going to start with fertility drugs.  So, I believe that endo comes back within 1 year in 20 percent of people, and as time goes on, it comes back more.  I think our bodies are just prone to it, and the only sure way to get rid of it is pregnancy or a hysterectomy.  This pain *****!
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So Doctors told you that pregnancy will possibly cure endometriosis? I tried to quickly google it and I am seeing  the oppsite in the first few links:



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this is a few months late. But I read your post so I thought I would try & help you out.

1- I'm not sure a cyst of 7-8cm will go away on it's own, it's it's an endo cyst. It will keep growing. I had an endo cyst i forget how big it was, not as big as yours; it didn't go away. I needed a laparotomy.
4- Yes you will continue to get endo cysts, once you have had a cyst.
After I had my surgeries I got more cysts.  
I can't answer your other questions, sorry.

I'm not actually sure if there is a cure for endometriosis, I think with pregnancy; it temporarily makes you feel better. Sometimes it does help with the endo symptoms, afterwards.
In reguards to a hysterectomy... I think if you have endo of the uterus it stops that, but if the endo is in other places it doesn't help any. Sometimes after a hysterectomy I think the symptoms come back.
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The only thing I've found that has really helped reduce my cysts was I alleviated all caffiene products from my diet...that includes sodas, diet sodas & tea. I haven't had a soda in 4 years and I don't miss it at all. I may occasionally drink a glass of iced tea and when I do I pay for it...I will begin to hurt 30 mins after I drink it. The best thing you can do for body is to change your diet...eat healthier...eat a lot of fruit and vegetables.   Also take FLAXSEED. Flaxseed contains lignans which is believed to be helpful in controlling endometrial cancer. Evening Primrose Oil will help with the inflammation and the pain.
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pregnancy does not cure endo but makes it a bit less painfull my last pregnancy wasnt perfect but i did not get as much pain it was not as painfull as the endo but i must admit i did get some pain and had to have my baby at 37 weeks as the pain was getting worse towrds the end there really is no cure for endo but pregnancy does make it only a little better so i do agree with you  being pregnant your no better off
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Hi. It's me again. I know three women from my surrounding that five/seven years after pregnancy don't have any problems with endo. So, from that experience and from what I heard from different doctors, I thought that the pregnancy can resolve this problem, at least for few years. But, as I see, much more experiences are opposite of what I know from different cases. So, there isn't a cure, but at least pregnancy makes it less painfull. I really don't know what is the next step... I had horrible pains, endo, cysts, tumor, two surgeries, I have tried different medications, herbal treatments, diets, exercises, but nothing resolves the problem forever, just temporary. My hope was pregnancy, but as I see, that also is not a solution. :-(
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Recently had end ablation, dc, biopsy, contracted an infection after surgery and uti infection been in and of hospital the last week and had camera through keyhole surgery, re admitted with fever dyhdration and e- coli given ciprofloxacin 500mg to take 2 a day but not started to bleed heavy can anyone tell me if this is normal
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hi, i've noticed that since you had lots of experience about the subject, i would rather ask you some questions directly. Recently, I was diagnoses with an ovarian cyst (hemorrhagic) in my right ovary. I was having a severe pain in my lower abdomen that day and I decided to see a doctor right away. I was referred to another gyne and an ultrasound was again taken this time. Only, I was now diagnoses with a 5 cm cyst in my right ovary and 4 cm cyst in my left. I was wondering why in my first ultrasound with the first hospital I've been, they saw only one cyst (right ovary) while it was only a matter of days when that other ultrasound was taken and they found 2 (right and left). I even asked the doctors how it happened that cyst grows that fast, they told me they don't have any idea, maybe it was not seen in my last ultrasound. Take note, I am also seeing different gynes for the last 2 years for infertility because I wanted to be pregnant..and my last ultrasound before the cyst was seen was just a 2 months back. From time to time, my gyne is taking an ultrasound with me to monitor my ovulation.. why did they not see the cyst? Now, after I have had my MRI, the doctor from there told me it might be endo..my next appointment with the gyne will be on Jan 19 and till then I won't know what will happen. I am having a spotting from the 11th day of my cycle. It should have been my ovulation period and I should not have spotting. It may be the cause of this cyst. Most of you are telling that pregnancy might be the solution but now I am starting to doubt it because the doctor told me that endo cyst was the cause of my infertility. How can I be pregnant if that is the case...:-(...
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Hi. My cysts grow very fast, but I don't know if that is the case with all cysts. I think the speed of growing is different in different cases. And sometimes not everything is seen on ultrasound. For example, once I went on gyno, on ultrasound and the doctor said that the cysts didn't grow from the last time I had ultrasound and when I went after one month the doctor told me that the cysts are very big and that they have grown very much and i have new cyst (also big) and that wasnt on the previous ultrasound.
About pregnancy, I don't know what to say! That was my hope, but i see that that is not a solution, just temporary maybe... The endo cysts are cause of infertility in some cases, but not always, it depends of the organism. I think that the pills and the different therapies that we take to cure the endo are the cause of infertility (I took Yasmin, Zoladex and now I am back on Yasmin and if these kind of medications are taken for long period of time, that may cause infertility)! So, the medications help, but they cause serious problems, too. That is magical circle and I hope that we can get out of it with some permanent solution! I should go to gyno at the edn of this month and I don't know what is the next step... But I am tired of pains and different horrible medications and from the fear that i could loose my left ovary, too (the only one i have left)! And from not knowing any permanent solution. :-(
If you want to talk about anything, I am here. Take care and have a nice day!
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I am worried about a cyst I have on my right ovary.  It was 4cm in Oct. and in Dec. it was 5cm.  I was told it is probably a chocolate cyst.  I have a lap tomorow.  Were your cysts chocolate?
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This is what happened to me.  I went for an ultrasoud in October and they found a 6cm ovarian cyst on my left.  I had never had cysts like that before.  My doctor called it a hemorrahic cyst.  She wanted to do surgery.  I said I couldn't because I didn't have insurance and I would probably have to pay out of pocket later on.  She didn't feel that putting me on birth control would make it smaller or go away.  A few weeks later I was in a lot of pain and I went to the ER.  They did an us and called it an endometrioma which stems from endometriosis.  I was shocked I had no idea I had it and then also how could they tell on their us machine that I had it.  I guess it is more high tech than my gyn.  I should of asked but I was so worried about the cyst that all I wanted was for it to be gone.  On Christmas Eve I went back to my gyn for another us thinking that after 3 weeks of having horrific back pain that my cyst had grown, now I was getting really scared.  It turns out that it was still there and that there is another one that is 4cm on the same ovary.  I asked if it could be an endometrioma and she wouldn't say.  She said it looked a little complex meaning there was debris inside (Blood and probably endometriosis).  Anyway I schuled surgery for Jan 6 and there gone and so is my left tube and ovary.  My gyn who did my tubal a year almost 2 years ago said I was completly clean and she couldn't believe this time how much endo was there.  She was thinking it was going to be a simple surgery when in fact it wasn't.  I am 35 years old and I have always had good periods and never dealt with severe menstrual cramps.  I got pregnant in 2001 and in 2007 had my tubal.  I strongly urge women don't get there tubes tied I reget it.  I feel that this has caused my endometriosis.  I am still googling ways to find out more about how this happens.  My gyn wont say too much but did tell me she couldn't clean it all out of me.  I still have endo around my bladder and the uterus.  So she has put me own birth control.  This is to suppress the endo but she did say I need a hysterectomy.  When I get insurance I will get a second opinion.
they can only see endo by going into you body, a ultra sound can not tell them or you if you have endo. there is no known reason why or how we get endo... everyone can speculate but no one to date can say with 100% accuracy that this is how you get endo!
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Hi. Yes, my cysts were chocolate and one of them was 10 cm! I had some other complications and they had to remove my right ovary. I have just my left ovary now, but I have cysts on it, too.
I hope everything is going to be ok with your case! If you want to talk about something, I am here. Take care!
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My doctor has suggested I have a hyster, done.  I have a 7cm cyst on my right ovary and a big fibroid on my uterus.  He suggested this after doing a lap last Tues.  I think I am going to have a hyster but have him leave my left ovary.  I am 39 years old.
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I have had issues with my ovarian cyst since Jan 2009.  To give you a short version....I wound up in the hospital a few times b/c of the cyst rupturing...I am 35 now, and am trying to have a child.  In june 2009, a fertility doc did a laparascopy on me to remove this cyst, check for endo, check my ovaries and tubes...everything was fine...In fact the cyst was so small (on my left ovary) he left it alone...In Aug 2009 I got pregnant, but miscarried in Sept.  I went to the ER in December due to the pain of my cyst, they did both ultrasounds, they found my cyst shrunk...it was 2 cm...they recommended I follow up again in 2 months. I just went again in Feb...and it is now 7cm...I dont understand how this can be....I am now told its more of a endo cyst.  Are you kidding me!  So, now I have an apptment with the fertility to have it removed...first to discuss things and then removed.  This explains the pain on my left side ...its the size of a tennis ball.  I am worried they will have to remove my left ovary....I feel disgusted and frustrated...All I want is just one child....As mentioned, I am 35 not getting any younger.
Just wanted to share my story and frustration and know that i am not alone.  I wish everyone the very best with their ordeal.
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I am a 30 year old single lady.
I have a boyfriend and we wanna have a child only to find out that I have bilateral endmetriotic cysts
one 10.8cm and the other one is 11.8cm
It made me cry several times
I dunno what to do
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hi i have had two surgery's on ovaian cysts and they were pretty big and i'm only 29 years old the second surgery was when i found out that i endometrisis and it has been very painful these past couple of years and i have tried birthcontrol and it did not work for me and i have always want to know how sex would be with my husband with out pain just one time in my life and it doesn't seem like i can get pregnant and i onlt want one child. I just want to know if this will ever go away.
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i have endometriosis cyst at my right ovary (2cm)..i want to know if pregnancy is possible for me..
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