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Endometriosis and Pain while pregnant

Hey everyone, I am pregnant about 7 weeks here, and I have Endometriosis...  My pain is so severe, and it keeps on getting worst every day.  I am beginning to completely lost my mind.  Is there anyone else out there experiencing this as well?  How are you dealing?
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Im going through exactly what you're going through. Im waiting to find out how far along i am, but in the mean time I feel so horrible. The pain is constant, it never goes away. Most of the time I'm in bed, I don't go outside, and I have a hard time walking around and standing for extended periods of time. Coping??? Barely. Im just trying to stay positive.
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I never had any pain whatsoever when pregnant and I had Stage IV surgery 3 yrs after the birth of my daughter.

I did find that the braxton hicks were painful and not sure how painful those are supposed to be. I did have sharp pains through my pregnancy but nothing like what I experienced not being pregnant.

The pregnancy suppressed my endo.
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With my last pregnancy in 09 the pain was terrible.  I couldn't drink anything except tylenol.  Sometimes the pain was so severe i had to be carried because I couldn't walk.  3 months after i gave birth though I had my tubes tide.  I had no pain after birth from endo, it's been 9 months since it's been back.  All of our bodiesare different & we react in different ways.  Reading each others stories at least let's us know we are not alone & we can give each other support.
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I did not have much pain while I was pregnant, but I was very sick. I threw up at least once a day for the first trimester. I constantly felt nauseous and sick. I gained a lot of water weight and had a hard time walking. I developed gestational diabetes and hypertension. I did not know at the time that I had endo, but now many of my symptoms make more sense. My first midwife was totally confused about why I was having such a rough time. She kept blaming me and my eating habits; which is why I fired her!

If I were able to get pregnant again I've been told that I would be on bed rest for 9 months. I'm older now and my endo is worse. So, I do not think that we will even try to have another. Eventually we may look into adoption.
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