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Endometriosis causes constant nausea????

Hi everyone,
If you look at my previous posts you will see I've been sick with a huge list of symptoms the last 7months now. No one knows exactly what's wrong with me.

My worst symptom is living with constant nausea. But since becoming ill my period pain has  become unbearable. If I don't take painkillers I will throw up from the pain.

When  I was in the ER a gynocologist suggested I may have endometriosis, but didn't want to do a laparoscopy on me because its surgery. I took the pill she gave me for 3 weeks then stopped it because it made extremely ill. My doc told me never to go on the pill again because that's the 2nd time I  tried and had a serious side effect (including heavy bleeding that sent me to hospital),

So my question is, can endometriosis cause nausea that happens persistently all month and is at its worst during my periods? I also get severe diarehha/constipation, cramps, dizziness and migraines.

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YES YES YES!!!  I had chronic nausea for over a year before I had my surgery. I was on the pill at that time too. The pill didnt help for the nausea at all. I also had severe migraines that I was hospitalized for as well. Since my surgery and being on the pill for 6 yrs I have only had 1 migraine so I truly believe my migraines are hormone related.

I would go find yourself a gyno that specializes in Endo and have a lap done to see if there is endo. That is the only 100% for sure method of knowing.

I lived in misery for years with all the symptoms I had, dont wait too long
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Thanks ticked :)
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Women who have Endometriosis should not be on birth control, although doctors will tell you it is OK.  Birth control pills inhibit bleeding and this is a problem with Endo, because endo already has a problem getting rid of the menses in the proper way.  With Endometriosis the sloughing off of the endometrial tissue is found outside of the Uterus (and often in the entire abdominal cavity and around the bowels).  Which is where some of the pain occurs from.  Other things that could be causing the pain are adhesions, fissures, adenomeiosis (thick uterus caused by Endo), and the like from endometriosis.  Your able to see a GYN and have an internal ultra sound right there in the clinic office, to see if you have any cysts or other tissue overgrowth indicative of Endo..  More serious diagnosis may be suspected but don't be alarmed until or if you NEED to go further for a laperoscopy.
Remember, endometriosis is ESTROGEN dominant, and when you take birth control your doing more harm than good.  Endo is an auto immune disorder too, it doesn't often recognize itself and can make its own body ill with something as simple as stress in ones life.  Food for thought.
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I am sorry but you are mistaken. The right bcp does not cause more harm than good. Not all women have invasive endometriosis so the pill is affective if taken continuously. It's when someone hasn't been diagnosed with the disease and they develop deep infiltrating Endometriosis is when it's not affective completely. There has not been enough research done on this disease to find out if you have Endo without doing a lap to see. The bcp is wonderful so use for people who's hormones are all over the place which is the case for many people with Endo. It's used to suppress the Endo. Yes it is estrogen dominant but a women needs estrogen as well. This disease is a catch 22 you are damned if you do and damned if you don't. If I wasn't on the pill for the last 7 yrs I might have killed myself. I am not saying that just to say it I really would have. I had a great surgeon but that was 15 years later. If I come of the pill I not only still get pain but mentally I am not okay because the pill keeps Amy hormones balanced

Rambo do you have endometriosis ? Just curious. I respect most of what your saying but I do not agree with your comment about he pill. Sorry.
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I can't express enough how wrong you are about the pill. Please stop giving false information about this disease. I have lived it for 25yrs and researched it.
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I have read your profile and sent you a message. I am sorry you are going what you are going through but everyone is different and reacts to different medications. No two people are the same.
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I have tried the pill twice, first time I bled so bad I ended up in hospital from weakness. Second time, severe migraines and worsened nausea and pain. I also stopped getting my period.

So I am reluctant to go back on any hormones :(
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See you are like my sister. The opposite effect when it comes to the pill. For me it takes away the migraines, nausea, and pain. This is why trying different methods help to see what works for you.

What pills did you try do you remember the names?

Are you booking a surgery soon?
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It's unfortunate, first one was yaz, second one was called microgynon?

I have booked in with a gyno for oct 29th, I will ask her about the surgery.
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Hmm I think everyone is different and its good to try different once. Marvelon is  a low dose BCP and the doctor is surprised at how well it works for me.

Let me know what the doctor says :)
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Microgynon is supposed to be low dose too :s

I will let you know thanks
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Just an update for everyone, I'm doing a 3d ultrasound tomorrow after visiting a gynaecologist he suspects bowel endometriosis. He wants to do a laparoscopy, but I'm not keen on being opened up if he isn't 100% sure. Will a 3d ultrasound show bowel endometriosis? Of the any people they diagnose after laparoscopy, I'd like to know how many end up NOT having the disease? Does anyone have any knowledge about this please? Thank you!
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