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Endometriosis going on 13 years!!

Hello, I belong to another forum here, and I found this one...I have had endometriosis since age 25 (when I got diagnosed, but it was a long road to get there). I have had the Lupron Depot treatment 3 times, a laparoscopy to remove cysts, and after all of it, I got pregnant 2 years and 9 months ago (my son is 2) and in the beginning I still had severe pelvic cramping and pain and back pain, pain lasted the entire pregnancy. I was on Norco before I got pregnant and had to cut myself down to 2 a day throughout my pregnancy. I have been on Vicodin/Norco since about age 28 ish for this and have recently went off of it due to my PCP thinking that people just shouldn't be on it chronically. I was in total agreement with it since I had been on it so long for this problem. Since I quit taking it, my pain from my endometriosis is back times 10!!! And I've got pain in my back, pelvis and hips on a daily basis and it is horrible. Haven't taken anything but ibuprofen (which does nothing) for 85 days since stopping Norco. Does anyone have any advice about how to deal with the pain from this...I've already been on disability from this awful condition twice and don't want to do that again as I love this job!! But this pain is really bad...any thoughts before I go running back to my doctor...unfortunately, my OB doctor retired so I can't go to him and have to find a different one for this. Please help!
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I am really sorry to hear what you have been through.

Have you actually had surgery done by an Endometriosis specialist? This is key. They have the skill, tools and knowledge to get the disease from the root where most regular OBGYN's use ablation and only get the surface.

If you have not I would suggest this as your first step right now. If you need to find one I can help. Please message me
I didn't even know there were endometriosis specialists...my family doc or my OB never mentioned anything about one. I live in a very rural town in Northern California. It's called Willits.

Endo is horrible!! I hate it!
Yes and trust me you want to go this route even if you have to travel as many women have to. Judging on how north you are you will have to but you have the option of two of the greatest Endo specialists in the US/CA

Dr. Camran Nezhat
Center For Special Minimally Invasive & Robotic Surgery (http://www.nezhat.org/),
900 Welch Rd
Ste 403
Palo Alto, CA 94304
T. (650) 327-8778

Dr. Andrew Cook
Vital Health (http://vitalhealth.com),
14830 Los Gatos Blvd,
Ste 300,
Los Gatos, CA 95032
T. (408) 358-2511

Specialisation: GYN only
Bowl/urinary tract surgery: Does most bowel/urinary tract work himself and has a colorectal surgeon on hand to assist when needed.

*Dr. Cook's practice offers a functional approach to treating endometriosis.

If you can get in to see one of these you will find relief.

You can look for Doctor reviews for both of them. Dr. Cook has an amazing book called "Stop Endometriosis and pelvic pain" if you want to buy it. It is well worth the read. Both doctors are great in their own way.

Dr.nezhat created the Worldwide Million women march for Endometriosis in 2014 and it has gotten bigger each year.

You are in amazing hands with both of them :)  
Oh wow, thank you so much for the information!! I didn't even know there was such thing, I thought the OBGyn just knew what they were doing since they know about it.
No problem. That is why I am here to make sure women know that it is important to see someone that specializes in this disease. It is imperative. I wish you the best of luck. If you ever want to reach out I am all over social media @EndEndoForever as well as The Faces of Endo. I am easy to find.
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