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Endometriosis issues...

My doctor has been putting off a hysterectomy due to the fact I am only 25 and have only 1 child, a beautiful 2 year old boy. I have already gone through 3 procedures to remove lesions and am looking at surgery number 4. I am to the point where admittedly I did want more children but realistically with the amount of pain and how bad my endometriosis comes back worse each time I would rather end this instead of a surgery a year. Basically cutting open the same scars for laparoscopy. I tried discussing this with my gynecologist but he feels that I am to young and if he can get all the endometrial tissue this time then there should be no reason why I couldn't live a pain free life and Persue having more children. The only problem with this is he has already said this 3 times. Honestly not sure what to say to get him to understand this is it no more cutting on me after this whichever way he has to go with it I do not want any more surgeries after this! Anyone else ever go through this?? Suggestions??? Help?????
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I also had several surgeries with endometrisis from the age of 14-17,none of which helped.Finally at 17 i had a complete hystrectomy.It really helped.I'm 31 years old now & haven't had any problems since.My doctor said i would the worst case he had ever seen,Like you i couldn't take being cut open anymore.It seemed as fast as they removed it,It would grow back again,got to a point where it seemed pointless.I wasn't lucky enough to have any children,But without my health i had nothing.People don't realize what an awful disease Endometriosis is and the toll it takes on your life.I understand how you feel,Know you are not alone & i wish you nothing but the best.Hang in there!
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Okay I am glad I saw this today.

You really need to go see an Endometriosis specialist. The gyno doing your surgery is most likely doing ablation (laser) which only gets the surfaces of the disease. You need a skilled Endometriosis surgeon that can excise (cut out) the disease from the root. This is imperative and it is the Gold standard treatment for this disease.

Please do not get a hysterectomy. It does not cure endo. There is no cure however having a surgery done by a skilled surgeon will give you relief. The fact that the doctor is even suggesting this at your age is ridiculous but not unheard of.

If you need help finding a surgeon please let me know and I can guide you to a good one.
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You really need to look into finding an Endometriosis specialist. The surgeries you have had have most likely only been ablation (Laser) which removes the surface of the disease not the root. Endo specialists do excision (Cut out) and gets the root of the disease. These two surgeries are night and day. If you do ablation over and over again it will just continue to grow along with tons of scar tissue.

A hysterectomy is not a cure. There is no cure for Endometriosis but there is relief with excision and is the gold standard treatment.

If you need help finding a surgeon in your area I will be glad to help you out as well as find supportive groups in your area in person/twitter and facebook. Let me know
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