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I started my periods at the age of 11, in 2010 (14yrs old) my periods started getting fairly painful by 2012 (16) I had to take days out of school and then college because of how painful my periods are, most of the time I end up on my knees or bed bound because of the pain. Since 16, I have had pain during sex, it has slowly gotten worse and no I can't have sex in any position without hurting. I have spotting in between periods, and slightly painful cramps between periods (feels like my period is about to start constantly). My periods are always very heavy but only last 4 days. At 16 I had an abdominal scan which didn't spot anything and my doc told me when I turned 21 she would arrange another scan. I'm now 19 and not sure I can wait that long, she also told me since my mam also has endo, to aim to complete my family by 25. I have 1 son who is 12 weeks old and he took 3yrs give or take a few months to conceive. Help please
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Welcome to the Endometriosis forum. There are a couple of things that you have been told that upsets me. When a doctor tells you to complete a family by 25 that is just not an okay things to say to someone. At any time someone could become infertile and people won't know until they try. It also makes women rush into relationships or commitments when they would have waited. There is no way to tell and doctors need to stop saying this.

Endo will not show up on a scan unless there is an endometrioma which is a blood filled cyst. If your mom has it then the possibility of you having it is 10 fold.

I would not wait until youre 21. After childbirth the endo can sometimes get worse esp hormones wise. If you need an endo specialist I can give you some names if I find out where you are.

Thanks :)
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Thanks for replying, I went to the doctors and they just referred me for an ultrasound to see if there was any placenta left. I told her about my mum having endo and all my symptoms but all she said is women with endo have problems getting pregnant and that she can see I have a baby boy so it's very unlikely I have it. But now my periods are coming every 13/14 days, lasting 5/6 days at a time so I really don't know what to think anymore. I live in the Uk :/
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Umm I am so glad you found this forum. Your doctor is very uneducated about Endo just by that response. I had Stage IV endo and I had a child and so have many others. Infertility can be one of the symptoms of Endometriosis and that is not everyone.

There are many Endo surgeons in the UK. Let me know where in the UK so I can find one closer to you.

Please see someone that knows what they are talking about that will listen to you and your pain.
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Thank you for listening :)My mum has stage IV like you and she's had 3 kids.

I live in County Durham, North East :)

I don't really know who to go to :(
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I am not sure how far of a drive this is for you but there is not any around you per say but there are a ton in the surrounding areas. I will give you a couple, let me know if they are doable or not.

Mr. Ashwini Kumar Trehan
Elland Hospital*,
Elland Lane,
West Yorkshire, HX5 9EB
T: 01422 324 000
Mr. Trehan's private website (http://www.endometriosis-consultant.co.uk/)

*BSGE accredited endometriosis centre

Mr. Mohamed Soliman Abdel-Aty & Mr. Mark Willett
Lancashire Women's and New Born Endometriosis Centre (http://www.elht.nhs.uk),
Burnley General Hospital,
Casterton Avenue, BB10 2PQ
T: 01282 804 271

There are plenty in Manchester as well and not sure if that is too far..
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These are doable thank you :) my doc rang today and said she couldn't get me an ultrasound. She also asked if I was still bleeding but when I said no (my period lasted 5 days which I know is normal) she assumed my symptoms had gone and that I should go back in a few months. But as soon as my period is over I get cramps in my pelvis everyday until my period starts again (not all day but for about 6 hours a day) and around day 7/8 of my cycle I get intense stabbing pains in my right/left side (it changes side every cycle). I stayed on the phone until she reluctantly referred me to the local women's centre
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