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Enlarged endometrium

Hi, i was recently diagnosed with enlarged endometrium of 9.8cm. My pap smear is ok but i also have fibroid though it is said to be disintegrating. What is the cure for this. I often have pains during intercourse. TEE
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Do you have endometriosis?

Have you talked to your doctor about this?

The Fibroid could be causing pain during sex.

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I'm wondering also if you have endometriosis. Was the  9.8cm endometrioma on your ovary? If you have an endometrioma it's due to having endometriosis.  That's really big. I had a pretty huge endometrioma on my left ovary & I had a laparotomy done & part of the ovary removed & eventually had the ovary removed.

you should talk to your dr, if you haven't. tell him/her regarding your pain. Hopefully they can help you.
If you do have an endo cyst & fibroid it would be good to get those removed, it might make you feel better.

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