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Goodbye kidney stones, hello endometriosis

I'll try to keep this short:
Last spring I began having left flank pain, an achiness over and around my left hip and into my groin area. I went to the doctor and was told I probably had an issue with my piriformis muscle. I was in PT (twice a week all summer). The ache would come and go. I was good for a few days, then the aches came back. I returned to the doctor in August and was sent to the an orthopedist. Had a pelvic/hip x-ray done and was told my IT band was extremely tight. In October, still feeling the aches, I thought I had a UTI (although from passing a previous kidney stone) I also thought the severe urgency and pain to urinate was a kidney stone. Long story short, I was put on Cipro (2x) and when I wasn't getting any better took myself to the urologist...in a hurry. Was sent for a CT scan and discovered an 8mm kidney stone lodged in my left ureter. The next day I had lithotripsy to remove the lodged stone. The CT scan also showed I had a 4mm and 1mm stone in my left kidney and a 4mm stone in my right kidney.

I was under the impression the stones in my left kidney were removed during my initial surgery in October. (I was wrong) During the winter, I would get what I would describe as an achiness or pulling again in my lower left abdomen and hip. It reminded me of what I had been through with my kidney stone, but because I was unaware I still had the stones, I chalked the aches up to ovulation and a changing cycle...I'm 46. It continued and when I went for my 6 month u/s with my urologist I told him of my left flank ache that radiates around my hip and into my groin area. He was not of the belief that stones that were remaining in the kidney could cause pain, but agreed to lithotripsy. I had lithotripy on my right kidney in mid-June and lithotripsy on my left kidney mid July.

I was hopeful that the left hand 4mm stone was the cause of my achiness, but unfortunately, I am still having aches and pain. I began to read about endometriosis and wonder if that is what is going on.
I have been trying to track my cycle and symptoms:

* Left lower flank and back pain sometimes radiates into groin area -- across from my c-section scar (I've had 2 c-sections - May 2000 and January 2005)
* Aches are random....like I think I'm crazy. One day I'm perfectly fine. Feeling great. The next day I'm achy, feel like my left hip is being pulled. Sometimes both hips are just achy.
* Although not terribly frequent, have experienced constipation and "the runs" -- mostly around the time of my period.
* My periods are definitely heavier. Especially the first few days. I chalked the clots and heavier flow up to periomenopause.
* Some symptoms of IBS.
* Very slight spotting before and after period.  (Like the color of diluted Coke when it's been sitting in ice cubes.)
* I did have hematuria (microscopic blood in urine at my check up in June). Was chalked up to kidney stone, which is possible.

I had a pelvic/abdominal x-ray with orthopedist in August. Normal.
I had a CT scan in October (which detected kidney stones)
I have had two u/s - one in April and one in July to check for stones. (Stones were the only thing seen).
I have had two flat panel x-rays (June/July) prior to each lithotripsy to locate stones. (Stones were the only thing seen).
All other tests from my physical are normal.

I have an appointment with my PCP next week. I am going to mention endometriosis.
Has anyone else had experience with kidney stones and therefore can relate to the achy flank/abdominal "pain" I'm talking about? NSAIDs dont' touch it, nor does Tylenol. I have Percocet from my kidney stones escapades but prefer not to take it. Although one day I was so tired from the achiness, I took one before bed and curled up with the heating pad. Heating pad seems to bring some relief, stretching feels good while I'm doing it and massage feels good.

Appreciate any insight anyone can offer. This is just so tiring and frustrating. I just want answers.
Thanks so much for your help.
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Sorry I have never had kidney stones only Endo. Some of your symptoms could be associated with Endo or the scar tissue from the 2 C-sections.

There would be no way to know if all your tests are coming back negative you would need a laparscopic surgery to diagnose.

Maybe this is something that you can talk about with your doctor.

Have you ever tried the BCP? Most doctors will have you try that first continuously without a break to see if it lessens the symptoms of the period.
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Although ultrasound is useful in diagnosing endometriosis, but still cannot definitively diagnose endometriosis.Laproscopy is the only accurate way of diagnosing endometriosis.Treatment involves NSAID pain killers,GnRH analogs,oral contraceptive pills,progestins and surgery.
It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing.
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