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Help - endometriosis and extreme pelcic swelling

Hi everyone, I was diagnosed with endometriosis in 2007. I have had 5 surgeries to remove endometriosis as well as complex ovarian cysts. After my last surgery in June, I was placed on Lupron injections with add back therapy. Unfortunately,  After 4 months of being on it, my dr seemed to think my body did not respond to it due to the pain was still having along with severe bleeding throughout the entire 4 months. I came off of it on October 15, and bled from October 17-21. Since then, I have not had bleeding, but have had extreme solid pelvic swelling consistently for DAYS accompanied by a lot of pain and pressure and more frequent visits to the bathroom. I have also become quite constipated, nauseous, and have a full feeling sensation when I eat a small amount or don't eat at all. I have had pelvic swelling before that lasted a day or 2, but never this extreme and long to the point of looking pregnant .... Which I am not. I'm growing nervous that something more severe is brewing. Has anyone else experienced this? I've reached out to my doctor to give her an update, and am also making an appointment with my primary physician to ensure its not something outside of a gynological issue.  Any information would be helpful. Thank you!
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please find an endometriosis excision specialist...you're Dr. is not qualified to treat your disease if he is putting you on lupron and you've had 5 laps done...it shows he is not confident that he is able to excise all the disease so he is hoping to dry it up with the lupron...

Yes, endo does ALL the things you describe...and the only way to beat it is to cut it out like a cancer...and only an endometriosis excision surgeon is qualified to treat your disease...

For current up to date research (you could share with your dr) on how to treat this disease got here...

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