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Help with symptoms

Hi all,

Hoping somebody can give me some help with my symptoms.  Almost constant lower bak pain, pain in side, particularly left side (kidney position).  Have lost weight since this all started.  Pain varies, some days are horrible others are ok.  Periods are quite light but suffer from bad cramps.  Have nausea and general gassiness.  Doc seems to be focusing on stomach symptoms and has referred me to a gastro specialist, however friends have suggested endo as a possible cause.  Can anyone shed some light?
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I hear you.  I have had abdominal/back pain for the last year an a half.  Had an upper GI endoscopy, colonoscopy, bunches of ultrasounds, and exams, finally said I wanted the lap, and was diagnosed with endo two weeks ago.  

It could be endo or it could be a bowel disorder.  I had my abdominal pain fairly even on each side, maybe a bit more on my right side, but I think I have more implants on that side.  I, like you, had constant pain.  It would vary, but it was always there.  I also felt bloated all the time.  They ruled out most bowel issues with my colonoscopy, but I also had very regular bowel movements.  If you do have regular bowel movements, no pain with urinating or a bowel movement, no pain after eating (certain foods or just eating in general) it could more likely be endo.  What's your period like?  Cramps painful?  Are you regular?  I have always had terribly painful cramps growing up.  If you have no pain with periods, it's probably not endo.  It might be ovarian cysts (although I'm not entirely certain if that produces pain during a period.)  An ultrasound of your ovaries, tubes, and uterus isn't a bad idea.  You most likely won't be able to tell if it's endo, but could rule out an ovarian cyst.  Colonoscopy can rule out bowel disorders.

Unfortunately, there's no easy answer to diagnose endo without a lap.  I went through around a year and a half of procedures and whatnot to find a reason to all my pain.  It could take a while to get a diagnosis, but keep pushing.  I was about to give up and live with chronic pain, but just got my answer.  They cauterized what they could and my constant pain is gone.  Still have painful periods, but nothing compared to what it was.  Still though, I hope you find your answer sooner rather than later.
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Sorry.  I just reread your note and saw that you do suffer from bad cramps.  I also was nauseated all the time with it.  Didn't experience weight loss though.  
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Don't let them get you down be persistant about your symptoms. Tell your physician you would like either a pelvic ultrasound or even a CT to rule out cyst, kidney stones and or Endometriosis.
I'm so lucky I have both kidney stones, cyst, and possibly my endometriosis returned two years after my hysterecomy. Thats after having 2 laparotomies, 2 endometrial ablations for constantly having cyst on the left ovary and Endometriosis rel bad. The Dr. left my rt.ovary in for horomone balance. Be persistant don't ever give up on yourself or take no for an answer. You are in charge of your healthcare.
Good luck,
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Has anybody of heard of an Endrioma. I think the doctor said something about 4th stage Endometriosis, which I did not know there were four stages to begin with.
Help this is with a new doctor and no family medical history. I've been sick with cramps for 2 mos; nauseated feeling full, lower back pain starting from the right side, menstural cramps. run down(tired all the time), and a hystery of Endometriosis in the past. I had a hyst with a lt.ovary removed two years ago.
I need some support and answers if anybody can help, I'd appreciate it very much.
God Bless,
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That is a cyst that is caused when you have endo.  They can also be called chocolate cysts.  I know because I've had two one that ruptured and one that didn't.  
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Doc also waiting for post op reports from 2 yrs ago  and from Hyst and my Lt side Oopherectomy, Still waiting for Pelvic U/S results. I've called and c/o pain issues re: pelvic pain they're stating hang in there until appt. Dr. upgraded meds until then and believes I have 4th stage Endometriosis but needs my past medical records for sure.He wants to see how big the cyst is big compared from the U/S to the CT  I had done 3 weeks prior. I can't even lift over 10LBS. w/o hurting.
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I have pain constantly. Whether it be my pelvic area or my back. I have lost alot of weight, my periods are very painful. This last month I barely had a period at all. Left me feeling like if I could just bleed the bloating and gassiness would go away. I have painful bowel movements, sex is very uncomfortable and I hurt for days after my husband and I have sex. The docs said I have fibroids, another one said I have IBS. I do have cysts, dermoid cysts, on my ovaries. I have done alot of reading and I am convinced I have endometriosis. I have no health insurance and cannot go to the docs that the ER refers me to. One ER doc said go to the gyn, another tells me to go to a gastroenterologist(sp). I can definately realte to what u r going thru.
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My doc has decided to remove the rt ovary and he needs to go in two to maybe three or four locations depends on where the endo has tangled upon what organs. I'm on pain meds and nausea meds.
This morning is awful, my surgical date can't come soon enough for me.
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