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Hot flashes at 28

I am a healthy 28 year old female.  I started experiencing hot flashes last month.  What scares me about this is its not happening around my period its happening all the time.  They are not really bad but bad enough to notice.  I am not soaked in sweat to the point I have to change my clothes but it hits me very suddenly, last about 15 minutes then leaves and will come back about an hour later.  I was only having them during the day but now they are hitting me at night.  I did have surgery for Endometriosis or however its spelled a couple years ago.  Could this cause my hot flashes? Could it be coming back? Could Endometriosis cause hot flashes?
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Have you been checked for early menopause?  I know it sounds strange at your age, but it happens.  My first symptom was hot flashes.  I decided not to attempt to stop it and now at 37 I am done.

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I've been experience hot flashes (particularly around my period) for years, and I'm only 26. I first started getting them in my late teens. My mother was totally confused and I'm not sure she believed me!
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I was going to say the same thing as the poster above. Its possible that you are starting to go through menopause but then again it could be endo as well. I would go to the doctor and see if they can look into that.
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I sometimes get hot flashes a week before my period. I am not sure if its only caused by Endo. I see others who dont have endo also suffer with hot flashes,  but only during their period. Are you on any medication? If not maybe a good thing to get a check.
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I used to get hot flashes every day and then when they diagnosed me with endometriosis they put me on birth control pills and now I only have them on my period, I’m 17, so you could be going through early menopause but there is also a very big chance that your endometriosis is coming back
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