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I am changing form a year of monthly Depo Lupron shots to taking Provera 30mg pills once a day

I am 30 years old and have been fighting Endo pretty much since I started my period at 14. I starte dmy period with such cramps & pains that would cause me to miss school every month when I had my period.  I had the Leep procedure done in 2000 and after had daily bleeding for about 6 months, then it slowed down to daily spotting at the least and then eventually after a few months flared back up again. All this time I was on many different Oral contraceptives, which as far as pregnancy go-- worked- then my Dr & I decided to try the depo shot for birth control with hopes of my bleeding being under control. That initially helped AMAZING for about a year, I didnt bleed at all after about 2 months on that monthly shot, I was in heaven!! I had never been able to go more than a week at most without any bleeding and I was now completely free of bleeding. After a couple years on this the bleeding came back in full fury! My Dr & I at that time decide dmy body could probably use some type of break from the hormones so I went off everything completely, and after a few months went back to having a normal healthy period once  amonth that lasted anywhere form 4-7 days,no big deal. I can handle that! Then once again the bleeding came back, as well as the pain of course.In between all of this I had many ultra sounds on my uterus than I can even begin to count. I then had a Laparoscopy and discovered that there were many adhesions form endo which were at that time removed, and I was advised that I would be fine after healing from the surgery . I never really heale from the surgery as far as the bleeding stopping or the pain, so I switched to a different OBGYN. This is when we started the Lupron after I was referred to a fertility specialist who is well known for his work with Endo. I started the once monthly lupron shots which at first, I thought I was in love, the bleeding stopped asap, and I was having half the pain I was having before! This was by far the best treatment I had yet. I loved it! I had to take an add back estrogen pill Estradol to help with the hot flashes, but it was so much better than the bleeding and hte  severity of the pain! Then I had a major mix up with my insurance company and I was not able to get my monthly shot on time, which in this treatment I had to have it no more than 5 weeks apart to keep my system supressed. So my Dr suggested I try the Provera. I have been on that for 3 weeks now and I have been bleeding so heavy the last 2 weeks and I am having the worse night sweats ever, I wake up thinking I wet the bed because my entire body is drenched in sweat. I am at a loss. I dont know what to do. I seriously cannot handle this anymore, the hormones make me moody, angry, I cry over everything and everything, and my poor boyfriend (who is amazing with all of this by the way) gets the brunt of it. I dont know what to do as far as new treatment options, maybe the bleeding will stop after a while Has anyone ever gone form the lupron to the provera and had similar symptoms ?I welcome any advice or suggestions!
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