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I am not getting pregnant

Hi, i am very new in this and I feel very very sad depressed and frustrated . Since i recall i have been irregular with my periods. Sometimes my period is normal and sometimes it is not. I've been married for 5 years, i used a birth control for around 5 months and decided not to use it since it caused me he aches. We used condoms but then we started having unprotected sex but all this time i have not gotten pregnant i knew i had a problem and sort of ignored it. We have decided to see a doctor and see what can be done. As obvious as it can be she told us we need some tests done and since i am been in denial hoping to get pregnant we have not started nothing yet. Now, on Jan. 28-31 i had some light bleeding, then it went off until Feb 18-23 with some more light bleeding. We had intercourse on Feb 26 and Feb 28. And then I am having these light cramps pain from March 1 up to today which is March 6. I have done some pregnancy test and they showed negative, i did one ovulation predictor today and the result was a light faint line on the T. I feel so alone and i don't know what to do, how to feel, unfortunately i didn't use to pay attention to my body when it came to knowing when my period started or finished or which month i was suppose to have it or how knowing when i was ovulating or when was the right time to have sex. :( Today i just want to feel i am pregnant and the sad part is that i might not.
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Hi Ladies,

I put off having my first child until I was 30. We tried when I was 29 and then I miscarried. I waited a year and tried again and that's when I had my daughter. The miscarriage was always telling me in the back of my mind that something was wrong. We tried for 2 years to have a second child. Then I saw my midwife. An ultrasound showed a cyst on my ovary. A CT showed the same thing. Then an MRI lead my doctors to suspect endometriosis. I had a laparoscopic surgery done and that diagnosed endometriosis. I had cysts on both ovaries and one ovary was twisted and scar tissued to my hip. I paid for IVF (invitro-fertilization) out of pocket. No success. Right now I am trying to improve my health by changing my diet and increasing exercise. I take Loestrin to stop my period and relieve pain. I hope to try again on our own some day or perhaps one day I can afford another IVF.

But one thing I did when we conceived our daughter was use ovulation testing kits. It could be a timing issue. Try the kits, they are worth the expense. It's just like a pregnancy test kit. Good luck!
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  I'm sorry you're going through this. I know all to well where you are.  I went from being on birth control when I first got married and they caused me chest pains so I quit. Then we were using condoms and just in time quit using them. I also have very bad periods. I would bleed inbetween them. Bleed during and after sex. I hurt all the time in my lower back, lower stomach. I have sharp pains in my ovaries and during all of this i'm not getting pregnant either. This has been going on about 6 years now and the pain is only getting worse. I never went to the dr. because I couldn't afford it. I MADE myself get insurance last year because I KNEW I needed to get help. There was no way I was going to be able to afford what was needed to be done. Anyways, I've been to 2 gyno's and they say I have a fibroid in the cavity of my uterus..possible endometriosis..then it's polyps and their not real sure without doing more test. I got the insurance in April of 09 and since my condition is considered "pre-existing" I have to wait until April of this year. Thank goodness it's only a month away but they're sending me to a fertility specialists because they think I have endometriosis, possibly fibroids and/or polyps. SO since I want to have kids they'd rather a specialists do the tests and surgeries that I need.  

I just want you to know you're not alone and ALWAYS be hopeful. A gyno told me once that "you're period becomes your own worst enemy" and it really does. Especially when you want a child. I used to think I'd never have a child. I mean 6 years with no luck and no insurance. Reading the posts on here of the women who have become pregnant gives me hope.  I'm 31 now and I pray that they're able to "fix" whatever is wrong so one day i'm blessed with a child.  I always thought I'd at least have a child by my mid 20's..never would I thought i'd be in my 30's without.  I never paid attention to when i'd ovulate either. I just know it was always painful.  

  Stay hopeful and get to those doctors!!   The sooner the better. :)  Take care, wishing you well and the best of luck!!
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