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I dont Understand my pain

I have sever cramps when it comes to my period they last all day and night.  I cant walk because the pain, I would rather sleep alone than with my husband because he move alot in bed and, any movement hurts me. I have told my doctor about the pain she gave me ibprofen 800 that dont help at all.  I am looking into endometrosis because I think it may be a possibility can anyone help me what are the symptoms and how do you get tested for this?

Please Help Im in great pain and frustration
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Hi Cyn29

The symptoms of endo are

Pain during your cycle
pain during and possibly after intercourse
Pain with BM's during your cycle, constipation and problems with your intestines
infertility, miscarrages

The only test to find out of endo is really the culprite is a laperoscopy. A lao is a surgical prosedure that enables them to look inside your abdominal cavity where all your abdominal organs are, endo cant be seen any other way as it forms and grows outside the uterous.
You may want to talk to your gyno about the possibility of having one.
It's a really common procedure and an insicion is made into your belly button while your under general anesthesia. They insert a long hollow "tube" like instrument with a camera.

If you have alot of the sypmtoms defenitly talk to your DR and dont let them brush you off. They did that to me for almost a decade and now cant remove most of it because of where it's grown.

I hope you can get it checked out so you can get a handle on the pain during your cycle.

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Hey there.. Yes do talk to your DR. I've had the same issues. It was so bad that I couldn't walk and most of the day stayed in the Fetal postiion... REALLY bad. I ended up having ovarian cysts on my ovaries and also what could be polys ( still being checked )
Back in Oct(end) 07.. my cysts were 2.3 x1.7 and then 8 days later they were 6.3x4 and stuff like thats painful.. Push for a test or Ultasound.. They should do that anyway
To fix I had a laproscopic procedure like the one listed above ..
Your dr should be fine doing a test ... thats what they are there for. Also tell them the Ibproden isn't working and they shou;ld give you somehting stronger.
Is there pain when you don't have your period?
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Hi cyn & tristansmom

  I just wanted to let you both know that MedHelp has a great pain management forum.
I have endo too and mine is very painful also. The PM community has so many great members who uderstand chronic pain and know about so many different kinds of treatments. Endo pain can be very severe and there arent alot of options besides lasering out the growths. You can try hormones but they always recommend that you only stay on certain ones(the ones that actually help like depot and lupron) for short amounts of time like a few years.  So when you give your body a break from them the endo grows back and its like a never ending cycle and can be really frustrating.

I hope you come check out the Pain Management community and are able to ger some new ideas that you can talk to your DR about!

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I fond out about my endo after having a cyst on the overy removed by laproscopic surgery
through my belly button,what they didnt tell me was the high risk of ending up with an umbilical hernia.Then i had to have that repaired and have been left with the discomfort and pain of that for ever since it was done.Its better to have a small cut to the lower part of your abdomen than to be left with something you can never get rid of.
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