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I'm getting Laproscopy

So I had a visit my with gyno last night, and after 6 years of pains and trying different doctors (all who said NO WAY would I have endo), my gyno recommended Laproscopy. I had an ultrasound a few weeks ago and she found a small cyst on my right side, but said that would not be causing any of my severe pains. I'm scheduled in July. I'm just looking for people who have had this procedure. I think I'm freaking myself out by reading forums because I see too many negatives from the surgery.

What was the recovery like? Did it work? What did you do after?

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mine had no findings and i was left with pain (even though they said they wouldnt rule out microscopic endo.. it did get rid of alot of scar tissue from when i had my daughter
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I had my Lap in December 2011 & it was confirmed that I do have endometriosis... Don't be scared of the surgery, u will be fine. Although, my doctor said after the scraping and all that the pain every month would subside but still I have bad bad cramping during my menstrual... good luck hun!
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I have had 5 laproscopies over the past 10 years, and can recommend it as a form of diagnosis, and short term relief. The procedure takes about a week to recover adequately from, and i was relatively pain free after the recovery for about 18months, then my symptoms slowly returned. I have never had large adhesions, just microscopic lesions that grow on pain sensitive tissue in the pelvis, so my fertility was not affected.
For me, the week of swelling and pain was well worth 18 months symptom free, but i just want to emphasis that it may not rid you of endometriosis forever. However, just knowing the definite cause of your pain can also be a great relief, and direct you into a better management plan to keep symptoms at bay in the future.
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I have had 5 laporoscopies.  The last one about 3 years ago.  The last dr also did a neurectomy where he took out 10% of my nerve endings as well as removed some lesions.  This surgery seemed to last longer than the others.  I am currently on Lupron for the 2nd time.  Do not be scared of the surgery.  It is worth it.  
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I was really stressed out about my laproscopy too. I'd never had a surgery before, so it was scary. I was lucky to have really great nurses to calm me down and make it as pleasant as possible. It really isn't all that bad. It's a quick surgery, in and out procedure. You're in pain for about a week after... it's hard to bend, so make sure you have a comfy place to lay down for a few days. You never know if the surgery is going to help your condition -- but at the very least you will have a diagnosis. Then you have a lot more treatment options to decide on. Endo is not a diagnosis you want, but it's better than being in pain and not knowing why. Good luck!
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I have my surgery scheduled for July 25th. Was such a mess, I'm newer to my job and they gave me a hard time about having to miss work, but I was just like I can't go on with this. (doesn't help when your manager is a guy trying to explain the condition). Just hope it helps, I'm in constant pains.. also working with my family doctor to fix everything. had a slight B12 deficiency but it improved. But last blood tests showed a decrease of globulin and had abnormalities with my L3 and L4 nerves. Have to schedule an x-ray and get more blood work, then possibly an MRI. I just can't wait until I'm better, this is affecting so much of my personal life and it's so hard sometimes!

Thanks everyone for your help/answers!
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Oh Hun I so understand. I was in serious pain for four years. Finally I got to a specialist that guessed it might be endometriosis   They did the surgery and I've been pain free for a year. I was on big time pain killers. Now I run walk and bike all without pain. My doc suggested using a IUD to stop my cycles and hopefully stop another adhesion from forming. You'll need to rest for about a week after but I pray you get some relief and questions answered!
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Thank you :)

I mean I'm glad I'm finally getting somewhere with the possibility of endo. But I just hope my other doctor can figure out the rest of my problems. Back pains, leg numbness, just generally feeling week and tired/restless.

Did anyone else have any symptoms like that. I know both my doctor and gyno said it wouldn't be related, but just seems weird they both started the same time and now both seem ongoing.
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Hey. I had a Laparoscopy in Dec of last year. They found some Endometriosis present. They left a note saying it was present and it was burned off. I was in pain for 2 years before they finally got me in for a Lap. I had blood work done numerous time! They did at least 6 ultrasounds. Internal ones and normal ones. And they couldn't find anything. I was in the hospital 4 times in one week cuz the pain was sooo unbareable!
I hope they find out what it causing the pain. And if it is Endo, that the remove it all! And hope it doesn't come back as fast as mine did!
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HI eureeka14,

I can understand your pain. I had dreadful periods since the age of 12 but no doctor took it seriously...I was finally diagnosed with endo at 37. By then my ovaries were adhered to the back of my womb, my bowel and I had implants everywhere. I had my first lap 2 years ago and these issues were 'resolved' it seems but in the last eight months the agony returned with a vengeance. I'll spare you the full details but I wanted to share with you that the main pain feature had become the unbearable, crushing leg and back pains that announced the immediate start of my period. This pain was accompanied by (beyond) severe pain deep into my buttocks and hips - like an alien was about to be born!! My own doctor sent me to the ER when I went to her asking for strong painkillers - that was the state I was in...I would vomit with the pain Joking aside, the pain you are describing is an important pain feature of ADENOMYOSIS, that distinguishes it from Endo...this is because this type of pain originates specifically from the uterus. Like me, you probably have Endo too. My bloods were a mess too. You need to have an MRI alongside the TVUltrasound because it was only when I did last month that it could be clearly seen. Please insist on it!!! The Endo implants show up on the MRI very clearly wherever it is and the Adeno is revealed by the thickness and size of your uterus. The image evidence is undeniable and should completely steer your treatment. I am so thankful that I finally found  a specialist doctor who understood and cared enough to listen to me about my different types of symptoms and ordered an MRI. Please arm yourself with the knowledge and do not be afraid to raise all this with your doctor. YOur life is too precious to be suffering n this pain. Did you know that repeated exposure to severe pain damages the grey matter of your brain? I was shocked by that too so do not
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... so do not hesitate anymore honey!! I had my 2nd lap 3 weeks ago and I am recovering well now...you are young and need to protect your health so don't be intimidated by the doctors, its your body and emotional well being...not theirs..take care now...let me know how you are getting on...x
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I forgot to say, do not hesitate either to dump any doctor that refuses to listen to you or downplays your symptom experience. Doctors can be very patronising and dismissive at times, it pays to find one who genuinely cares about these diseases that deeply affect the quality of life of many, many women. I finally fell out with my own family doctor because of the lack of concern or urgency where my escalating problems were concerned. When I asked questions about treatments, drugs and side effects, she humiliated me in her office, saying she had spent far too much time talking about all this with me. How dare I take up so much of her time, eh? So I turned the tables on her for my own health - don't get me wrong, it was through biting tears - I DEMANDED that I be referred to the specialist clinic of my choosing...SHE, yes a woman doctor, of all people, should never had treated me like that. Don't let this happen to you x
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Wow.. I've never heard of Adenomyosis. I can't believe all you went through but am glad to hear you're doing better! I can say that my new gyno and doctor are the best I've had so far, they actually listen to me, and when I tell them what hasn't worked in the past, they are proactive in not telling me to try it again. I'll bring that up to my gyno, but I guess I'll see how the lap goes first, and if I even have endo.The pain I have is unbearable, and aside from that.. my period (always just the first day or two), are insanely heavy, with just clots coming out. I go through like 2-3 tampons an hour, and have to wear pads on top of that. I always pray my period starts on a weekend so I don't have to risk being at work.

I'm getting an x-ray soon to check my nerves (spine and pelvis), which my doctor suggested from my old medical results from a previous doctor, to see if he can find anything to determine why I'm constantly having leg numbness. He said most likely he'll want me to get a MRI as well, but wanted to start off with the x-rays.

I just hope it can all be resolved, or at least healed to a degree. It's so hard, and it's affecting my life. I'm so glad I found forums, because describing this to others, they can say "that *****" and "sounds horrible" but no one truly can imagine how bad it is unless you've gone through it. I feel like so many people felt I was exaggerating, so it's always great to find comfort.

I'm only 25 and feel like I can't do so much. I love art and I find it's hard for me to concentrate to even do a painting, I can't work out because something always hurts or I feel weak, if I go out and end up getting my period I can't enjoy myself. It just *****. Also, I don't think I mentioned this, but I also get nautious feelings when I take medication, so it's hard for me to just take a painkiller when I have bad pains.
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Weird, I didn't know "s u c k s" is considered cursing. Sorry for that! But that's all I was saying where the *'s are
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When u say it effects the "grey" matter of your brain. Please explain to me. I have endo myself as well. Thank you.
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