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Infertility problems

hello, Im orni 28 years old. After trying to have a baby for 10 months without results i went to a gynecologist. After the ecography he explaind me that my left ovary is filled with menstrual blood, because of endometriosis. He gave me Yasmin for one month, and than we tried again for other 2 months and still nothing. My husband's spermiogram resulted ok. Now my question is: Are This 12 months of infertily normal, because my right ovary seems normal. The doc suggested me to stay calm, because im young, and stress isnt good for the fertility problems. should i trust him. Im in panic
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Hello thanks for sharing what you are going through.

I respond to what I have been through and the research I have done and what i have learned through talks with top endo specialists.

The blood filled cysts is called an Endometrioma. Most blood filled cysts do not shrink no matter what hormone medication you are given. Almost always it needs to be surgically removed.

An Endometrioma is an indicator of moderate to severe Endometriosis which is most likely why you are having trouble conceiving.

Please go to someone who knows the disease not just a regular obgyn because most don't have the skill or knowledge of the disease.

If you can message me as to where you live I can let you know what reputable Endo specialists are in your area.
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Look up on the web about Yasmin.  
Although it has not been a problem for some women getting pregnant after coming off the drug, other people have experienced problems.

May be worth considering getting a second opinion.
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