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Is It The Endo?

I was diagnosed with Endometriosis and PCOS a few years ago. I was given Lupron to help with the Endo symptoms, and while that worked, I will NEVER do it again because of the emotional side effects.

With the PCOS my doctor tried different things, birth control and other hormone meds, all of which caused such severe side effects and I had to stop them.

She told me as long as I have at least 4 periods a year I am okay. For the past year I have had a period every 2 months, it only lasts 2 to 4 days, very light.

My last period was in November, same as always. The only difference is ever since I have been passing "clots". It looks like little bits of tissue, and there will be very very light spotting that only last for a couple of minutes and then it goes away. It happens maybe a couple of times a day, there is never anything in my underwear. I only notice it when I use the bathroom. I have been  getting very slight cramps off and on, nothing I can't stand, but I know they are there.

I go to the doc for my yearly exam in Feb. I'm just wanting some opinions and see if anyone else has ever experienced this before.
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I have Stage IV endo and it's severe/daily pain with abdominal swelling. My symptoms have been horrible for nearly 4 years. I think I've probably cried for nearly 40% of the time during these last few years:( I just want to tell you that 7 docs later and 9 meds later, I have found a fabulous endo specialist who is treating me with Letrazole. It's an old med used for breast cancer that is JUST starting to be noticed to treat endo. So far, the studies are wonderfully positive. Women are having absolutely miraculous success with this drug and ZERO side effects. Read about it and find a doc who is willing to let you try it.

After almost 4 years of daily pain, I was ready to give up. I have been on Letrazole for 9 days now and I haven't felt this good since before the birth of my child 4 years ago!

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