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Is this endo?

Hello everyone,

Recently i had a TVE and the results were:
- both ovaries have multiloculated mixed echogenic cysts (i remember her saying one is 3,5 cm large)
- right adnex 42x38 mm
-left adnex 39x27 mm
- both adnexes referred to as divergent

I also have various complaints (among others) such as heavy periods, painful period poops, cloths, lots of pain when i’m on my period, having trouble emptying bladder (during and outside of period)  
Does anyone know what this might be? I have been waiting to discuss my results with a gynaecologist for 7 weeks now…
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I hope by now you've discussed your results with your GYN. Why have you had to wait so long?

It could be endo. What did your doc say?
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Hi, thank you for reaching out. The reason it took so long was because there was a high percentage of absence among staff at the clinic. But I still haven’t talked to my gynaecologist yet because at the time of the appointment I was sick so I had to reschedule. New appointment on 31st of October. I’m searching for answers online but can’t seem to find anything.
One thing I forgot to add; I asked if the appointment could be converted to a telephone one, but the lady on the phone said that that was not possible. So I’m still (not so) patiently waiting…
Ugh I'm sorry. That's so frustrating.

On the face of things, nothing looks alarming - though I am not a doctor. Nothing says cancer or malignant, which is good. Your symptoms sound a lot like endo, but could also be from having cysts on your ovaries.

Waiting is the worst part. :(

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