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I've had endometriosis since I was 18

Why won't the Dr give me an hysterectomy
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There are many reason why they won't.

1) Age is a huge factor- The earlier you go into surgical menopause the higher risk you are for early onset of dementia, osteoporosis, cardiovascular diseases etc

2) It is not a cure for Endometriosis and could cause more damage to your organs.

I am wondering if you have seen an Endometriosis specialist. Your name looks familiar but I could be mistaken. Most of the time women are operated on by unskilled gynos which is a problem. I will tell you why.

1) A gyno has not been trained to see what all shapes and colors of endo look like so it can be missed and it would be a wasted surgery
2) A gyno does not have the skill to operate on a multi organ disease and should not be. That being said they usually leave endo behind because it is too difficult for them
3) A gyno is usually up all night delivering babies then has surgeries booked for 8am.. This is not the kind of doctor you want operating on you.
4) Gynos do not have the skill of excision which is to cut out the disease from the root. Gyno's usually do ablation which only gets the surface of the disease leaving the rest to continue to grow and with a lot more scar tissue.

My best advice for you is not to give up and not to think that a hysterectomy is a cure because it is not. There is no cure for Endometriosis but there is relief by having surgery done by a skilled Endo surgeon and that is key and its the gold standard of treatment.

If you need help finding one near you I can help but please do not believe that a hyster will cure you. It is a false belief out there that many gyno's and regular GP's have pushed forward to their patience because they don't know how to treat the disease and give up. They are not educated enough in this disease. Please don't give up.
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Thank you
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