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Just diagnosised, need some opinions?

I was recently diagnosed with possible endo (so excuse my lack of knowledge and terminology!!) via an ultrasound. I grew up with some pretty rough cramps in adolescence, but they seemed to mellow out and were entirely managable for a few years. Then a few months ago I started having abdominal pain and digestive issues, coupled with random bouts of sudden unprompted cramping that had me doubled over unable to move.
Anyway it seems that I have a cyst that is just hanging out on my right ovary (and who knows how long it's been there, not me or my obgyn.), along with endometriosis which, if i understood correctly, was causing other large cysts to form and rupture next to that cyst every time I ovulated.
But she gave me 2 options, surgery to remove the cyst or start Depo to stop ovulation completely. I picked Depo, but now I'm wondering if it's worth looking into getting the surgery as well? She said it was entirely up to me, like getting the cyst removed was more of a mental thing, which seemed a little vague. Is it worth looking into a specialist instead of just seeing my OBGYN, and how would I go about doing that?
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Hi Welcome,

Endometriosis rarely shoes on ultrasound, so indeed if this is what the report says you have, then your endometriosis could be quite severe. My endometriosis showed on ultrasound, I have endometriomas also.

If endometriosis is suspected. Even if you have symptoms only... The most important thing a woman can do is immediately bypass a gynecologist and find a specialist which treats endometriosis only.

I wish you well. Please keep in touch and let us know how your journey goes.

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Welcome :)

Do you have the ultrasound report with you? I was wondering what it said as I can help you interpret it as much as I can. If they are indicating Endometriosis most likely you have an Endometrioma (blood filled cyst) Most of the time these do not go away and surgery is needed.

If you have an Endometrioma that is an indicator of moderate to severe disease as per Dr. Redwine (Highly skilled/knowledgeable Endo specialist)

I am glad you did not rush into surgery because most people are given surgeries from regular gyno/obgyn and they do not have the skill to operate on a multi organ disease. If they see it on the bowels or bladder they most likely will not touch it due to fear and you need to remove all the endo or that surgery would be a waste

My best piece of advice is please find an Endo specialist that will Excise (cut out) the disease as well as anywhere else there are growths.

I can help you find one if you'd like. Message me your location and I can give you some names of reputable specialists  
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