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Laparoscopy - endometriosis and cyst; with a uterus lift

I would like to know of someone can give me some advise on my recovery of a Laparoscopy. I had a fair amount of endometriosis and cysts removed and my gynecologist said that he had to lift my uterus quiet allot! I had the Laparoscopy done on the 29 March 2010, it has been a week today. I have 3 incisions that are BURNING LIKE FIRE!!!!!!!! and it feels like a stabbing pain in the 2 incisions on my old C-section cut that is causing pain going down both legs and making it very unpleasant to walk or move!! It feels similar to a bladder infection to me but worse!! Is this something to be alarmed for?? I am scared I might have torn something inside or the uterus torn off the way he lifted it...it might sound funny I know but I am freaking out hehehehehe..... PLEASE HELP SOMEONE!

By the way I live in a villiage far away from town and there is no medical help out here and our town only have one gynecologist the one that I went to and believe it or not the day after my surgery I gave his office a call and they told me he has gone on leave for 3 weeks and there is no replacement or emergency number for him :(
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