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Laparoscopy Question

I have had a laparoscopy to diagnose endo in 2011. Back then, i didn't really know what kind of questions to ask, having finally had it removed. Unfortunately, i am due to have the surgery again as it's suspected the disease has returned. What kind of questions should i ask after the opertation? Is there anything i can begin taking that may prolong the return of it? Someone suggested i start on some form of pill or hormone treatment that may slow the growth of endometriosis.
Thanks :)
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I am not a doctor but a patient/advocate.

Here are some suggestions as well as answers to your questions.

1) Did you have Excision (cut out using scissors) or laser surgery? This makes a huge difference in recurrence as excision gets the disease from the root where the laser only gets the surface of the disease.

2) Is your doctor an Endo specialist? Not just claiming to be, but is one (certified)? If not this would be the time to find one and I can help you with that, just let me know where abouts you live and I can let you know of top surgeons for this disease because it is imperative to have someone who knows all the different aspects of endo and has the skill to remove it.

3) Many doctors/OBGYN will push Lupron even before diagnoses so that is something to think about. It is important to know that no hormonal treatment will stop the growth of the endo. If it is properly excised you will see an 80% improvement in pain. I personally have tried many and the only thing that worked for me was a low dose BCP called Marvelon. I took it every day continuously without stopping unless I had breakthough bleeding, then I would come off it for 3 days/Bleed then go back on it only getting my period 4 times a year. It helped in many ways and I didn't have a period.

4) Remember that this is your body and only you know it best. Some doctors are uneducated on new treatment as well as excision surgery and will push hormone treatment and that will only mask the disease not get rid of it.

currently there is no cure for Endo but the gold standard at this moment in treating it is Excision surgery.

I hope that has helped.
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