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March is Endometriosis Awareness Month

What are you ladies doing to spread Endometriosis awareness this month? I've changed my facebook profile picture to the endo yellow ribbon and made a status about it. I wish there was more effort going into funding research!  I also have plans to be more vocal about my problem instead of getting upset when people don't understand why I can't do everything that others can.
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I have also changed my facebook picture to a yellow ribbon and also had a status about it.  I used to want to keep my mouth shut but now I want everyone to know.  It is a problem that effects so many women.  I would love to find a way to speak out about it.
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I hope that you do not mind I am going to mirror you in changing my facebook to a yellow ribbon. I agree more women need to know about endo. Had I have known I could have saved myself surgery as well as a lot of pain. I never heard of it until it was found during my lap procedure. I had a TAH because it was already stage 3. If I can prevent 1 women from the same fate then it's worth it. I also took pamplets from the Drs. office and left them at work for any one to read about and let my co-workers know about it. Sad to know that very few women even know that it exists until the damage is done.
God Bless Always...
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