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My Gynae Is Trying Me With A Continual Pill Trial For 6months!

I've been suffering with VERY bad periods pains since i started them when i was 10, and i was put on to microgynon when i 13 to regulate my periods and reduce the pain but i still suffer with pain from time to time, and after every period i get a small swelling on my pelvic area on the right side round where my ovaries are and my doctor says it's ovarien cysts and i've had scans but nothing shown. But i've just seen my Gynae DR todat for the 1st time and he said he thinks i have Endomertiosis but he wants to do this trail continual pill taking for 6months to see what happens with that so im 18 and from today for 6 months im not going to have a period so im basically tricking my body that im pregnant when im not =S i have no idea how im going to feel, also what if i still bleed when on the continual pill =S
On saturday me and my boyfriend where playing with eachother and i bleed after that which i was abit *confused* about, but i'd only finished my period on the Thursday so could it of been that?
My periods are somewhat bad though i get really bad pelvic pains and it's weird it's like i can feel the blood coming out does  anyone else suffer with that feeling?

Amy x
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Hey Amy.
Through MY experience through Endo, I haven't had any luck with anythiing continuous. All it did for me was make my period continuous. Do the exact oposite. Every woman is different and reacts to medications differently.  
Are you trying to say you bleed after orgasm? That happens with me aswell, I havent had the chance to bring that up with my doctor. Its only been more recent.
Endometriosis has crippled me and stopped me from doing many things in my life. I share your pain.
My best advice to you is to be sure you have a good OBGYN. Also keeping a journal would help too. Record all your pains, describe how they feel and where. Over time you can see if your meds are helping or getting worse.
Now if you have had scans and nothing has shown, chances are it is Endo.  Thats what had happened with me atleast. You might suggest to your doctor a laperoscopy. its a surgery where they make a tiny little incision in your belly button and insert a scope where they can see inside of you. That is really the only way to diagnose endometriosis, as far as I know. if you do infact have it, they will make two small incisions right under your pubic line. Thats where they will insert lasers to burn off all of the  Endo inside of you.
I had just had my fourth laser laperoscopy. Unfortunatley for me nothing really works for me.  Not saying you're condition will be the same, you may have better luck than I. Hopefully you will.
It will probably takke some time to figure out how you react to certain medications, what works and what doesnt.  It will be a difficult process. But you must keep your head up and stay strong.
I wish you the best Amy, and I will try to help as much as I can. I know what your going through and I think its important to have people like me in your life.  Not many people know or understand what Endometriosis is.
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hi nikki!
thanks for getting back to me!
Yeah well i don't always but always after intercourse or foreplay i will go the loo and wipe myself and there will be kind of like blood smers but on saturday i did fully bleed which has never happened the only time it did was when i lost my virginity. But im just conserned about what will it show from me taking the PILL for 6months actually show the doc and then whats going to happen after that 6months when i start my normal PILL intake my periods could end up 10x worse. Like the PILL has reduce the pain but i still get crippeling pain in my groun and pelvic area it's terrible and then at the end of every cycle i get a lump on my groun which is SO PAINFUL =(
But im going to see my GP and talk to her about it coz im really worried about going from having a period every month to then suddenly not having one for 6months it's going to be weird and what if i bleed still ??
He did say he could do a laperoscopy but he didn't want to do that straight away because im still young but if he thinks i MIGHT have it then why not do it and see straight away so i will talk to my GP and get her to get me in to have one!
And it means alot that i have people to talk 2 about this (Huggles)
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Too young? I had my first when I was 17. I'm 21 now.
I'm not sure what will happen. Our bodies react differently to different things.  You may not get your period for 6 months, you may get some spotting or you may have irregular periods. Medically they SHOULD improve within the six months. What are you taking by the way?  
They SHOULD imporve, but with cases like mine, they didn't for me.
Now if they do improve, when you go back onto your normal pills, again it al depends on your body and the pills you are taking. Make sure its low dose. I'm on Yasmin right now and it seems to be the only thing that somewhat works.
When things go back to normal, it might take awhile for your body to adjust.  But your periods could be light and get heavier, or you might have a heavy period with lots of pain.
Again Amy its different for all of us. Unfortunatley its soemthing we have to play by ear. Since this is all new to you, its hard to know. Thats why I say its best to have a journal, and write down EVERYTHING!  You will see differences and similarities over time. Share it with your doctor too.
Pain with sex ocurs for me too. Its not always though and its very random. I sometimes bleed too. I'm not really sure why that happens either. Are you in pain aswell when you bleed? Sorry to be blunt, but have you orgasmed?
I find that sometimes after an orgasm, i heavily bleed for a few days.  And right after the intense minute of complete bliss, I soon find myself curled up in a ball crying in pain. I'm thinking that the pain comes from somewhere the endo is on nerves.. Just a theory.
I'm happy it means alot. I really like helping people, its important to me. I will do everything I can to help ya :)
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Yeah thats true i have has break through bleed which have been painful in the past even when i am on the pill. Im on microgynon i've been on that since i was 13. Yeah i have orgasmed i do find i get some pain when having sex but i don't know im still learning all that part of life and im might think that pain is normal but it's not a nice pain it's a sharp pain like someone is scrathing u with a needle if that makes sense.
But im booked in to see my GP on monday to have a chat with her about it all, hopefully she will have the letter my Gynae DR was sending her so she knows whats going on. Yeah when i have periods they are very painful i get really bad pelvic and tight pains and i can't do much coz it lays me up in bed i do sometimes pass out from the pain.

And the journal does sound a good idea i will start one =) thank you!
x x x x
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Im in to see my GP on monday to talk to her about all this with the pill stuff and im going to ask for a laperoscopy because i feel its my right and i wont to know if i have this! So i can move on and know the answers!

Im getting terrible pains in my pelvic area at the moment =( it *****, and every morning when i blow my nose i have blood in my nose? Does anyone have that?
Amy x
Peace & Love Too You All x x x
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I hopeyour appt goes well and someone takes you seriuosly. I finally found that person myself. After over 2 years of testing and being told to take Naproxen and continue with my routing health care. I am going in for surgery on Oct 29th. She thinks Endo could be a big part of the pain...but also pointed out that there are MANY different things that could be causing the pain and do not show up on US imaging. The only was to tell what is really happening is to go in and take a look. She asked if I wanted them to look and then make a plan but I said no way...see it...fix it and tell me about it when I wake up...lol. I am sick of hurting...been going on way to long. I hope you are able to get some answers and relieve soon. God bless...Lynn
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Hey guys.
thank you so much for your support over this not alot of people understand just how horrible this is and painful =(

Been the doctors i don't know why i went really =S she just fobed me off with a number to ring to get me checked out it's just like she fed up of me coming back but i have a right to know whats going on so basically i've taken it into my own hands now im getting tested for infections and cancer 2morrow at the womens clinic at the hospital and i rang my Gynae Dr up and made an appointment to see him urgent on monday =) so hopefully going to see him it will get sorted faster and i will get that TESTS i do need!
Still unsure about having to my microgynon for 6months none stop but i will discuss that and everything else with him on monday!
Also do you guys suffer with like bloody distcharge at all? Sometimes after sex i will bleed full on for a few minutes and stop and other times it's just bloody spots but i get terrible pain afterwards and i do get pain during sex it's like a scrathing pain but tbh im still young and i only lost my virginity last year and im not sure if pains i get are right or not if that makes sence lol. =P but it is a strange pain but one i can handle and i do get pains after sex but not as bad as after i bleed. Sorry im just going on here!
Im just sick at the moment of being told this and that and being shooved to someone else to basically tell me the same things it's like ARGH SOMEONE GIVE ME ANSWERS this is basically my life and for me a WOMEN knowing my having all these's probs down there scares me coz my life strives 2 be a mum one day and to know im not getting answers to which could effect that chance in later life is horrible for me and i think u guys will share that hopefully u do *hugs*

And i say again thank you so much there arn't alot of people i can talk to about this and it means alot that i have this site and u guys!
If any of you have facebook or myspace add me :
FACEBOOK :www.facebook.com//Amy_Phillips
MYSPACE: myspace.com/hippyamy
And if any of you guys have MSN add me there so we can chat better =)  my email is: ***@****

God Bless And Peace & Love x x x
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Instead message me if u want to add me on MSN im not allowed to show my email!
Blah lol
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