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Does anyone know of a natural treatment for endo?
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i have severe endo (but no pain) undergoing fertiltiy treatments... i have done a lot of research so for the past three months i've totally eliminated all wheat from my diet (supposed to reduce the immune inflammatory response to the endo)  we finally got preg on our 3rd month of eating this way.. (and our third IUI with meds)  i hear it works for pain too! it can be hard at first, but if you find the gluten free section at a whole foods or grocery store they have good tasting wheat free stuff... Also the month we got preg i started taking omega supplements.. they naturally decrease inflammation and prostaglandins, and the pain caused by endo is somewhat caused by prostaglandins being released.. neither of the above things can really hurt. so i thought they were worth a try! good luck!
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only certain doctors believe in the prog cream.  so many wont prescribe it plus many pharmacies cant compound it.  It is very difficult I find but i heard its the best and it works.. Good luck
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I Have Endo. I sterted Bio Natrual Progesterone 50-100mg just 10 days ago and have seen dramatic results with no side effects! My Dr. ad in made up at a compounding pharmacy. I just disolve 1 mint flavored tablet under my tounge before bed time and go to sleep. It has really taken the edge off, and I still have a lot of pain, but I feel like I am starting to get my life back!

Yours Truly,
Kathryn Jo
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