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Normal with Endometriosis?

I'm a young teen. My aunt has had Endometriosis, and so has my great aunt. I've been experiencing the common symptoms of Endometriosis (abdominal pain/cramps, menstural cramps starting about two weeks before my period, severe abdominal bloating, lower  back aches,  trouble sleeping, spotting/heavy abnormal bleeding, sweating more often, breast enlargement/tenderness, very painful ovulation, nipple darkening, nausea, fatigue, irregular periods that can have up to 45 days in between, cold feet, a lot of white/clear sticky (and thick) discharge.) I'm currently on birth control because I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cysts; I started taking the pills about 2 weeks ago. However, lately, I've been experiencing severe round ligament and pelvic pain on my right side that radiates down my entire leg at some points. I also had very discomforting pelvic floor pain/groin pain and constipation while on my period. The pain feels like stabbing, and then also a dull aching at other times. Also, is it normal for your uterus to feel tender if you push on it with Endo? Can it become inflamed or cause pain at ANY time during your cycle? Are all of my symptoms common with Endometriosis, do you think I have it, and should I seriously consider seeing a specialist?
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From what you have described I would say yes it is very possible for you to have Endo. The symptoms that you have described are textbook symptoms but most general practitioners or even gyno's miss it.

The fact that your aunt and your great aunt have it that gives you a predisposition in having it.

Here is a great link and source to information that is the most accurate out there. http://www.centerforendometriosiscare.com/understanding-endometriosis/

Sometimes we google things and we take the information in not knowing that the information is wrong. this site has not just accurate information but a ton of information on anything to do with Endometriosis.

If you let me know where abouts you are I can lead you to a good surgeon that specializes in this disease. You do not want a surgery done by someone inexperienced or to just explore you want one that knows all the different characteristics which are very important as most general OBGYN's have not been trained to know this so they could easily miss Endo without even knowing.

Let me know what you think, message me or visit my blog which has some very resourceful information as well. (Link is in my profile)
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yes this points strongly to endometriosis! Ticked gave you such great advice I have nothing to add...Please get to a specialist! Don't waste your time or risk more health problems by letting a regular gyn near you for endometriosis!
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