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On Depo Lupron for endo. Feel very pregnant, but negative tests!

I actually feel a little ridiculous asking this question, but here goes.  I am 25 years old with no previous pregnancies.  I was diagnosed w/ endo last November and had a lap right after Christmas and was then started on Depo Lupron.  I was under the impression that Lupron was a contraceptive (note to others...its NOT!!) so my fiancee and I didn't bother with any form of birth control.  My last Lupron injection was in mid May and by June I was beginning to wonder if I was pregnant.  Of course I don't have a period to go on due to the Lupron treatments, so the easy way to find out is not an option.  The second week in July I finally went in to the doctor because I couldn't shake the feeling of being pregnant.  Both the urine and blood tests came back negative.  I left feeling a little confused but glad to know for sure.  Well, here comes the crazy part, I've tried to put it out of my mind (and have succeeded sometimes) but can't shake the feeling of being pregnant.  My period still hasn't started since my last Lupron injection (May) and I called my doctor last week and she said it should have started by now, but to give it another month before I go in.  My fiancee left me the first week in July, so I haven't had sex since the end of June so if I am pregnant, I would have to be a minimum of 9-10 weeks along.  The nausea is lessening some, but I still have no desire to eat much...nothing really sounds good. Smells about drive me insane (I had to get rid of the air freshner in the house because I couldn't handle it!), I've been having some low back achyness, tired...no EXAUSTED all the time (I'm normally a very active person) and sleeping as much as 12 hours a night, some mild leg cramping and pain in underarms (not so much in the breasts).  And now my normally flat stomach is definitely starting to bulge just a little bit.  Not to mention the headaches...I've even missed work twice because of them!  The "am I pregnant" quizes that I've found have all said that they are 99% sure that I am pregnant, but with negative pregnancy test results still...is that even possible?  What are the chances of being 9 weeks along and still getting a negative on home pregnancy tests?  Would the Depo Lupron have an affect on the level of hormones produced in my body or the test results?   I know there is a possibility of your mind "tricking" your body into thinking that you are pregnant, but the fact that this "feeling" has spanned over 2 months, I'm a little skeptical of that being the case.  I just don't want to go back to the doctor saying "I think you're tests are wrong and I am pregnant".  Like I said I feel a little foolish, but I haven't been able to find anyone else that has this particular question.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!! (If anyone took the time to actually read all of this and get to this point!!)  Have a great day!
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Hi, it's not a silly question at all.  I'm older than you, however I had endometriosis all of my life and had 3 surgeries because my case was so severe.  I do recall taking Lupron for about 6 months and constantly "felt pregnant."   Although this was a few years back, if memory serves me correctly, one of the ways Lupron is effective in treating endo is by "tricking" or mimicking pregnancy in your body to help alleviate the rapid growth of endometrial tissue in your womb, thus stopping the growth of endo.  Many doctors will tell you that if you do have endo, it should subside or get a lot better once a woman becomes legitimately pregnant and gives birth.  So, yes, you can be "feeling pregnant" and not actually be pregnant.   And as you said, Lupron is not a contraceptive so its imperative for any woman taking it who does not want to become pregnant to still use contraceptive along with it.   I actually stopped menstruating when I was taking Lupron, experienced a degree of nausea and breast tenderness, etc. although I was not pregnant.  I am a normally active person and felt tired while taking it also.

I will tell you what helped me since my body couldn't tolerate the Lupron well.   A low dosage of birth control pills taken for at least 6 months - to a year should help stop the growth of the endo.  Also, diet and exercise can be extremely helpful.  Watch your intake of processed foods, drink pure filtered water, start taking Omega-3 oils, fish oil, primrose oil (I found it to be very helpful) and limit your alcohol consumption.  I also started doing "castor oil" heat wraps about twice a week for a while and really helped with the pain.  You soak a cloth with castor oil, wrap it in plastic being careful not to burn your abdomen and lie down with a heating pad over it for about 20 - 30 minutes, then rinse your abdomen.  I don't know why doctors don't advise their patients more when it comes to healing endometriosis with natural remedies also, but it seems that women tend to research these treatments on their own more.   Stay well.
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Oh My Goodness. I totally thought I was crazy.  I have had 1 lap about 6 years ago and am about to take my 4th shot of Depo Lupron the first week of November. The first month and a half on Lupron was horrible.  however at about week 5, i felt back to normal, with little side affects.  I did not know I could become pregnant while on Lupron until I started to resaerch this.  i am due to go to the Doctor next week for check up.  About a week before my last shot (shot 3 of 6) I started to feel pregnant.  I did not say anything to my OBGYN before shot 3, because I did not think i could get pregnant on Lupron.  I am about to take shot 4 and hav had this strange feeling that i am pregnant.  I did not think much about it until my long standing boyfriend ask me the other day if I was pregnant. I was so shocked that he asked, becuase I thought it was simply my mind playing tricks on me.  I am so glad to know that I am not alone.  I thought I was turning into a nut case.  
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This is all very hepful information. My lap was last week and I just consulted with my doctor re: taking depo lupron. Didn't know it was a shot which may be enough to deter me from taking it. Now you mention that the side effects and I'm wondering if I should just continue taking the pill and take my chances. My husband and I are probably going to try to get pregnant within 6-9 months, so I am trying to do a cost/benefit analysis here.  I really don't want to take anything that may make my life a living hell again. Headaches-I get bad ones anyway! Fatigue-I'm trying to get my life back, and have some sense of normalcy.  Is it worth all you risk and put up with?
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Hi Teri -
I was diagnosed with stage 4 endo about 3 months ago during a lap to remove a mass on my ovary. After seeing a specialist they decided to do surgery again to try and remove as much of the endo as possible. The specialist wanted me on lupron so that i would have minimal bleeding during surgery. I read up on lupron before hand and was absolutely terrified of it. However, it has been a few weeks and I have felt 100%. I had a few hot flashes but they arent as bad as I thought. I just am telling you becuase everyone reacts differently. I have heard that the treatment will resolve your pain for almost 2 years. That isnt why I am doing it. I just need something to keep my endo from getting worse until I have my surgery and then start ivf. Good luck, but I just really recommed talking to you doctor about it. I thought it was such a morbid and unnatural idea to "induce menopause" but it has not been nearly as bad as I expected.
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i was on the lupron for 6 months and i was done in Nov I got my preciod in Dec and now i haven't gotten since.. Could it be the i am pregnant or it because of the lupron. i went to take pregnancy test but both blood and urine say no.
Hey Muchlove 13, I noted that you had this post in 2009. still will be very happy  if you can tell me what happened next.I also had last injection of Lupron in Nov and then got period in January . Now it is april and no period. When did you get your period next after December?
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I have had 5 lupron shots and no side effects till this month.I have now started with hot flashes, blue veins in breasts, puffy breasts, nausea, headaches all the time, exhausted, and very hungry. I took a preg. test...negative. Could I be preg. Last shot in 10 days. SHould I take it?
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I will tell you what my doctor told me in regards to Lupron.  After reading the leaflet through that comes with the Lupron, it says to use a back-up method of birth control the first 2/3 months (I did the 6 month treatment), as you could still get your period, and could still be ovulating.  When I went to the doctor, she only said 1 month, so I went with what she said.  I did not have any periods for the full 6 months, only some spotting, so I know I wasn't ovulating, and wasn't getting a period.  

I know we all hear different information so it's good to share, I am just letting you all know what my doctor told me.

I've heard it before where women get pregnant on the pill/patch.. so I'm sure it's not impossible on Lupron.  However, if your doctor gave you a blood test, that would definitely confirm it.  The traces of the hormones on the home pregnancy test might not (even though the doc. says they are pretty accurate).

When I was on Lupron, they never gave me a pregnancy test prior to giving me shots, I just did them every month.

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I really taught I was goingt crazy. I have been off the lupron shots for almost 2 months, no signs of period. My doc just give me medroxyprogesterone and I am terrify to take it after reading the side effects.

I was diagnose with edo 10 years ago. I had my first lipo surgery about 6 years ago. Went through the shots and clomid.  I am so happy to say I have a beautiful 2 years old daughter. We are trying to go for round 2 but it is so fustrating because I cannot get my period.  Any suggestions?

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im really glad i've read these comments now because this is how i've been feeling. I have the depot every 12 wks my 3rd shot is due in around 4 wks but with my 2nd shot i've had no bleeding or anything and i've started to get all the same signs of pregnancy that I had with my daughter, yet i've done several tests and all were negative. So are these sypmtoms just a side affect from having the injection?can someone please let me know thanks

nat ** :-) **
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I am on my fourth shot of lupron and i know what you woman are going threw. You feel pregnant and in some cases if you want a child wish it were true. But, I think its just the side effects that get us wondering simpily because in the booklate they never tell you that you can feel as if you are pregnant. I can honestly say the first month of treatment was painful but since then my pain has drasticly reduced. We all arn't going crazy our bodys are just out of wack.
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iam scard iam 19 and not sure if i can have child or not i got soo many Qs ask pple whoo no can you help me pless anyonee iam soo scared ..i had cysts on my left ovary got took off ..my doc tlod me i had lil tissue on my urths does that mean i can get prgoo orr wat i need helpp..............i got soo much pain too iss that okk 4 me have alot painn,.. i startd my pd an it like the end of it not being whyss that do anynoe got this too
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The whole reason Im reading these forums is because Im going through the same thing. Im in my 3rd month of lupron because of endo and even though I have taken several pregnancy tests and came back neg i cant shake off the feeling im pregnant! I swear I am I have had 2 children and know first hand the undeniable symptoms of pregnancy that i am experiencing now. After reading these I feel better-its not just me!
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