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Pain 3 weeks after appendectomy lap surgery

I have had remains of a burst cyst removed from my right ovary and pelvic floor and an appendectomy 3 weeks ago with laparoscopic surgery. Before  being hospitalised my Dr thought i had a UTI and prescribed a 3 day course of antibiotics. Still experiencing pain 3 days later he examined me then admitted me to hospital where i had the surgery. I was gradually starting to feel better this week and hoping to go back to work next week when i started to feel really sore again. Pain on my right side where my appendics was, pain on my lower abdomen, pain on my lower back and also a constant urgency to urinate with unsuccessful evacuation. Its also sore when i sit on my bottom. I am really worried about it, my Dr said that the blood from the burst cyst is an irritant in my abdomen that could have caused adhesions on my bladder? He didn't seem too bothered and didn't examine me.
Has anyone else experienced this?
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You need to take your temperature.  If you have an infection your temperature should start to rise.  Watch for redness or swelling or increasing pain at the incision.  If pain or any of these symptoms increase and don't improve, the surgeon needs to see you to rule out an abscess or sepsis since you had surgery.  
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It might just take some time for the inflammation to die down as the poster said above you should rule out infection first.

When it comes to adhesions that is the second enemy when it comes to Endo. You are damned if you do damned if you don't. However when you had that surgery and if he did not take all the endo out then its possible endo still remains and will continue to grow.
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