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Pain Management

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to attend a pain management seminar at my surgery clinic.  I was one of 12 women in a group with a pain psychologist and pain physiotherapist that specializes in pelvic pain.  I learned many new coping strategies to keep med use at a minimum while awaiting surgery and would highly recommend this to any that have access.
In other news- still no surgery date, and have developed abscess type sores around my rectum ever since my scope 3 weeks ago.  It is incredibly painful and makes BM's even MORE painful than they were before.  Has anyone ever experienced this?  It's been going on for about a week and I am considering driving myself to a walk in clinic because I am in so much discomfort.  Thoughts?
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Have you had a colonoscopy? I think that would be important to rule out bowel disease or hemmrroids (sp?)

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I had a sigmoidoscopy 3 weeks ago and it was clean.  I haven't had a colonoscopy in about 4 years.  I had a crohn's flare last year but this feels different.  I've had fissures before, but never this bad and I've never bled so much from my bowel unless I was having a bad flare.  Also, with my Crohn's I never experienced constipation- only the opposite.
I'm scared.
I went to the walk in clinic and I have six pretty deep and long fissures.  He prescribed a special compound cream and I am having a full blood work up done to check my RA factor and white blood cell counts.
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Oh okay yes that was my next guess but by what you explained them to be didnt sound like fissures. I have had them and constipation for 4 yrs. I have used the compound cream before. Are you orly taking pain meds ?
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I am taking pain meds and progesterone.
I got the compound cream and am going to take a salt bath and dry the area completely before putting it on.
I didn't make it out of bed to get to the lab so I will have to do it Monday.  What do you use for the constipation?  I've been using restorolax which mainly works but sometimes it doesn't.  If I take anything stronger I have terrible D and it exacerbates the fissures and is incredibly painful.  I swear to God I almost pass out on the toilet every time.
I thought it was the pain meds causing this but it doesn't seem to be the case as I have constipation on the days I take LESS pain meds and days I take more I have D.
I'm taking half the rx'd dose of pain meds because I really want to keep my usage at a minimum.  I know I'm already dependent and coming off opiates is awful.
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I use laxaday and I double up. Pain meds will cause great constipation
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