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Pain after laparoscopy

I wondered if anyone who had had a laparoscopy could tell me how long it hurt for.

I still feel quite alot of pain when walking after a week and wondered if that is normal, as everywhere I read that people resume normal activities after a couple of days.

I am not doubled up or anything, its just like having a constant stitch, and when i take a step, especially around my belling button there is a kind of sharp tugging pain. Also some stabbing pains too that just seem to happn even when sitting still.

Just wanted to know if this is usual, I expcet it is, but thought I would ask others who had had similar, who might tell me how long until the abdomen feels normal again.

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I had a laporotomy a year ago, and I still have some pain. I remember I still couldnt walk around for at least two weeks. Each person is different. I couldnt even get out of bed or sit up on my own after two weeks. So, each person is different, and I wouldnt worry until its like 4 weeks, and you still have major difficulties. Good Luck with a speedy recovery!
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Hello, I had a laparoscopy and ovary and tube removal in mid March and I am still having some pain by my navel incision and by the incision where the ovary was. I think healing takes awhile. Since it has only been a short time for you, I would say, try and be patient with your body.

Linda J
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I had a laparoscopy last week but only had the cyst removed, no organs. I am back to normal save for a bit of bruising. Every once in a while, I feel a slight pain when I move the wrong way - reminds me I had surgery. I'm back in my normal clothing, very little bloating left. Guess I was lucky.

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I am 8 weeks post-surgery, and yes... you will have pain, especially since you are only one week post-surgery. The belly button pulling-feeling is normal, and will last several weeks.
I was walking like a 70yr old (I'm 28) for about two weeks after surgery. It was only after that point that I could walk (mostly) normally again. Stairs were painful. I went up them one at a time and usually had to pause at the top or bottom and let my muscles go floppy. We use those ab muscles more than we really think!
In just a general scheme of things, don't really plan on doing anything moderately active for about two weeks, and then just little things, like going for a walk or something.
Hang in there... it does improve!
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I had a Lap done about 2 weeks ago.  I noticed the day after surgery, my dissoveable stitches were poking out some.  Now 2 weeks later, the bottom ones are still to be seen, but not the top ones around my belly button; they have disappeared under the skin, and are red, swollen and itchy.  I do also feel some pain in my abdominal area, also  around the belly button area, and lower left; comes and goes.  Is this normal?  

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I had a 16cm cyst and right ovary removed 2 weeks ago and I've just stopped taking painkillers. I still having to lie flat most of the time though and can't sit more than an hour without pain. Wubbie3 -  I laughed at your stairs comment as I've been much the same. I find that if I have a shower, wash my hair and go down 2 flights of stairs to a shop and back I need to lie down for a while and maybe even have a snooze. I was driven to a nearby shopping centre and was out less than 1.5 hrs, went to 2 shops and had lunch 2 days ago, but I found that too much, and I ended up in bed before 7pm asleep, not having eaten all my dinner. I've taken it a bit easier since and found that I'm getting better each day, but still not into jeans yet. Good luck with the recovery folks. Sounds like it just takes a little longer for some.
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I totally agree.  I am 2 wks post op today and still can't handle much activity.  I was feeling little pain until last night my right side was piercing ( I had a baseball sized cyst removed but they saved the ovary)!  I am due for my period - could this be why?  How was your pd after surg?

Jess 800
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I  had my ovaries removed 1 week ago because i was diagnosed with breast cancer and my body is hormone receptor positive to Estrogen.  I am still in quite a bit of pain, the same feeling that i had when i was menstruating, i feel sick to my stomach and i am having one hell of a time to have bowel movements.  If anyone can respond to this, is this normal?

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Hello. Its been five complete days since I went in for my LAP. I had some cysts removed, as well as a D and C done. They took my appendix while they were in there. I drove today for the first time, and almost passed out at my destination. it was way too much. I was able to walk slowly on the treadmill after day three. but now i feel like i am getting stabing pains, cramps maybe around my belly button and abdomen. shortness of breath and the whole works. I am saying its looking like 2 weeks on average for completely regaining normal activities. My back is sore from sitting, I want up. but if i get up i am in even more pain.
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I had lap done due to an ectopic pregnancy. My Dr. had to remove part of my tube, drained a cyst and removed scar tissue that was bulit up. I still feel a bit of pain right around the incision (but not on it). And I'm bloated (gassy) is this normal? It's been almost 8 days? How long will it take before my ab feels normal?
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I had a lap done last Thursday, so technically 5 days ago, and I am still haivng some problems.  I have a protruding hemorrhoid now all of a sudden (never had before) and it's very painful, burny.  The incision on my belly button area was already bruised but now is forming new bruises, my abdomen is still sore when walking, moving the wrong way... , and is swollen too! Everyone says to me, "Your'e still sore??? Minimally invasive..." and feeds me that line expecting me to feel great already.  Guess I needed to vent.  Anyone else in the same boat as me??
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I hope someone can help me.  I've had a laparoscopy for endometriosis before but had another one a week ago.  On top of the normal they removed a cyst on my left ovay, did a D & C and removed adhesions on my bowel in my lower right abdomen.  I'm on Co-dydramol so I've got constipated.  3 days a go when I had a bowel movement it took a few hours to stop bleeding.  This morning I woke up with a new stabbing pain in my lower right abdomen and feel really sick with a low temperature of 36.1, and ache all over.  Is this normal? (I didn't get this last time).  
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I had a laparoscopy done about 2 weeks ago had a cyst draine and the dr, check my ovaries and falopian tubes I still have pain in the middle of my abdomen and a sharp pain in the left side of my stomach. I wonder what could it be. anyone have the same?
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ive had both my tubes removed due to 2 ectopic pregnancy's, the last 1 was on the right and was removed about a year ago.
but every now and then i get a sharp stabbing pain or similar to a stitch, but worse.
Sometimes it is so bad it makes me cry, and i have had to make a trip to a&e before and was just given pain killers.
although they help i would still like to know what is causing the pain in the first place.
Im assuming it is something to do with the last surgery as the pain is always on the right side.
Please could someone help me?
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I had a LAP done 2 weeks ago. It took me about 5 days to get back to doing normal activites, but it did tire me out completely. But I have started walking, climbing stairs and even tried to crawl [wierd, i know] and didnt feel awkward. My Dr. advised me not to inhibit myself and to go ahead with normal physical activity, but gave a big no-no to even simple workouts for a couple of months. The area around my belly button still feels tight and sometimes I am unable to stand straight for a long time. But i think it will get better and the the body is healing itslef. Please do let me know if i need to take the pain around my belly button more seriously
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I had a debulking surgery done Aug. 21 2009. This is where they take all your female organs, lymph nodes, a bunch  of stuff is done your body cavity to test for cancer because my CA125 level was 3500 before surgery. After surgery I was up on my feet in hours and able to walk stairs the very same day. By day 12 I was back to work where I teach as a special ed teacher of severely challenged children which is a very physical job with helping them in all areas of life from pottying, playing, feeding, etc.  At week 6 I had shooting pain on my right side and down my  leg. The nurse at the Dr. office said "normal" healing pain. Well, now I am months after the surgery and I have severe constipation that only cans of beans relieves me some, fatigue like I never felt before, low grade fever around 100, swelling daily in my lower belly like I swallowed a basketball, cramping like I am having a bad period, agonizing lower back pain, hot flashes, night sweats and depression. Everyone is saying "normal" healing but I am seriously having regrets over having the surgery since after it ended up not being cancer. I was a strong, almost "hyper" type of healthy 42 year old before the surgery and now I am miserable. I was very afraid of Dr.s before this and now I am even more afraid of them. Has anyone ever been through this to help give advice to keep me strong?
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I had a laparoscopy 8 weeks ago removing 2 cysts my right ovary and falopian tube.  I stayed overnight and was told to take it easy for 72 hours.  Fortunately all was benign.  After 3 weeks the pain across my lower abdomen was excruciating along with an offensive discharge.  My doctor gave me 2 lots of antibiotics as he thought I may have an infection.  The pains seemed to improve by the end of the tablets and I had two days pain free. However nearly 9 weeks on I still get a kind of bruised feeling and some stabbing pains in the pervic region, they're not as bad as they were but they worry me, and they are on both sides, whereas I only had the left side operated on. I also get this kind of tingling feeling in my labia region.  My doctor has told me that scar tissue can take some time to heal.  I am a real worrier and I think about it all the time which I am sure doesn't help.  Is, or has anyone else suffered anything similar?  Would really appreciate some feedback.
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I too had laproscopic surgery almost 10 weeks ago and I am in more pain now than I was then.  Very sharp pains about 2 inches on each side of belly button, about 2 inches wide.  Swollen in area also.  Talked to dr. who did the surgery, he says nothing he can do.  Anyone else have this?
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I am 6 days post op from a Laparoscopy for endometriosis...and I get chest pressure right where your ribs come together in the center of my chest when standing.  I am also having an achiness in the groin, flank, and thigh area on my right leg.

Has anyone else had something like this?
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hey i had my Laparoscopy for Endometriosis 3 weeks ago and I hope that since you had yours in February you are healed by now. I had the same chest pain and that is from the breathing tube they put in you during surgery. I thought i would be back to doing normal stuff by now but the stitches still ache and so I am taking it easy. It's frustrating at times but how are you doing right now? How long did it take you before you were able to move about?
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I had my lap procedure done one week ago today and I have no pain at all. I made myself walk around the house to help gas escape faster and believe me it helped. My bellybutton is still sore but as long as I don't lift anything heavy I feel fine. Every one is different however so LISTEN to your body and do not rush YOUR healing process.
Best wishes and hopefully speedy recovery...
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Wow. It is so interesting to read everyone's post-op experiences. I had a laparotomy to remove an endometrioma about 7 weeks ago and wish I had been more prepared. The initial gas pains in the rib cage and shoulder were bad from the CO2 that they pump you up with. I had some stabbing pains, too, like some of you have said a few weeks after surgery. I think I strained a muscle at that time from pushing myself too hard. I went back to work only a week after surgery, which I regret, and have tried to slow down a bit. I just keep reminding myself to not feel guilty when all I want to do is lounge around in my sweat pants and read. Also, my first period after the surgery was very painful and long with the bleeding lasting longer than 5 days and the pain and diarrhea/irregular bowels lasting a few weeks. And to think that some of you have been through this procedure several times. To hell with anyone who tells you that your pain is normal or that you should be over it by now!
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I had my lap surgery 10 days ago and I felt back to normal about 5 or 6 days after.  I felt totally fine, no pain..until TODAY, I have a sharp pain in my lower right abdomen, right where my large cyst was.  I guess it's my ovary hurting, but Im wondering why it just now started.  If it was still healing from the cyst removal, wouldn't it have hurt this whole time?  At least I know Im not the only one, after reading all the replies.
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I am 6 days post-op for my laparoscopy and am in a great deal of pain. I had my procedure done on Friday and was back at work Monday morning because I am unable to take any time off. I am having a real hard time, and talking to the nurse I found out they did some pretty extensive surgery in my abdomen clearing out endometrial lesions and scar tissue, cysts, etc. I also had a D&C and hysteroscopy. She is very surprised I am working. Hard when I don't have a choice. Anyhow, I had one incision site in my navel and another just above my pelvic bone straight down from my navel. I had my gall bladder out laparoscopically as well, and I don't remember having so much pain around my navel after that surgery, but then I had other pain that was much worse so I probably didn't focus on that.

I had a lot of gas pain the first night, in my chest and shoulders. I was told that moving around helps with that, and having had the same problem the last time and having it last for nearly two weeks, I went on Saturday for a long walk at the park where we were hosting an easter egg hunt. That did it for me, that night and Sunday all the gas pretty much was out, and that was nice. Now I am just having the constant ache and pinching pain in my navel. I may be having other pain, but I am not noticing it since this pain is taking the front seat here. I hope everyone has resolution to their pain. As for me, I think I am going to try to take the afternoon off and rest and see if that helps at all...

I also had many problems with urinating and bowel movements after surgery. In fact, I didn't have a BM until I used a suppository to go on Tuesday. I didn't have a full one until Wednesday morning. I can tell you that this is VERY normal after surgery. If you feel the need to go and nothing else is working for you, try glycerin suppositories, they will help.

I just wanted to give my account for anyone else experiencing the same problems.
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