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Pain after laparoscopy

I wondered if anyone who had had a laparoscopy could tell me how long it hurt for.

I still feel quite alot of pain when walking after a week and wondered if that is normal, as everywhere I read that people resume normal activities after a couple of days.

I am not doubled up or anything, its just like having a constant stitch, and when i take a step, especially around my belling button there is a kind of sharp tugging pain. Also some stabbing pains too that just seem to happn even when sitting still.

Just wanted to know if this is usual, I expcet it is, but thought I would ask others who had had similar, who might tell me how long until the abdomen feels normal again.

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I had a laporotomy a year ago, and I still have some pain. I remember I still couldnt walk around for at least two weeks. Each person is different. I couldnt even get out of bed or sit up on my own after two weeks. So, each person is different, and I wouldnt worry until its like 4 weeks, and you still have major difficulties. Good Luck with a speedy recovery!
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Hello, I had a laparoscopy and ovary and tube removal in mid March and I am still having some pain by my navel incision and by the incision where the ovary was. I think healing takes awhile. Since it has only been a short time for you, I would say, try and be patient with your body.

Linda J
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I had a laparoscopy last week but only had the cyst removed, no organs. I am back to normal save for a bit of bruising. Every once in a while, I feel a slight pain when I move the wrong way - reminds me I had surgery. I'm back in my normal clothing, very little bloating left. Guess I was lucky.

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I am 8 weeks post-surgery, and yes... you will have pain, especially since you are only one week post-surgery. The belly button pulling-feeling is normal, and will last several weeks.
I was walking like a 70yr old (I'm 28) for about two weeks after surgery. It was only after that point that I could walk (mostly) normally again. Stairs were painful. I went up them one at a time and usually had to pause at the top or bottom and let my muscles go floppy. We use those ab muscles more than we really think!
In just a general scheme of things, don't really plan on doing anything moderately active for about two weeks, and then just little things, like going for a walk or something.
Hang in there... it does improve!
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I had a Lap done about 2 weeks ago.  I noticed the day after surgery, my dissoveable stitches were poking out some.  Now 2 weeks later, the bottom ones are still to be seen, but not the top ones around my belly button; they have disappeared under the skin, and are red, swollen and itchy.  I do also feel some pain in my abdominal area, also  around the belly button area, and lower left; comes and goes.  Is this normal?  

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I had a 16cm cyst and right ovary removed 2 weeks ago and I've just stopped taking painkillers. I still having to lie flat most of the time though and can't sit more than an hour without pain. Wubbie3 -  I laughed at your stairs comment as I've been much the same. I find that if I have a shower, wash my hair and go down 2 flights of stairs to a shop and back I need to lie down for a while and maybe even have a snooze. I was driven to a nearby shopping centre and was out less than 1.5 hrs, went to 2 shops and had lunch 2 days ago, but I found that too much, and I ended up in bed before 7pm asleep, not having eaten all my dinner. I've taken it a bit easier since and found that I'm getting better each day, but still not into jeans yet. Good luck with the recovery folks. Sounds like it just takes a little longer for some.
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