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Pain after surgery

I’ve had excision surgery 3 months ago. I’m experiencing the same pain as before the procedure. Is this normal? I’m losing hope.
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Sorry to hear that the surgery didn't help, didn't help me either. I know for some it does and for some of us it just doesn't. I think part of it is the skill and thoroughness of the doc, and part of it is that some of us are just unlucky.  After mine I tried multiple different birth controls and once again for some that works, for some like me it didn't. But one might work for you so I'd definitely recommend trying. Someone recommended me to cut dairy out of my diet. It was extremely hard for me but I was desperate for relief so I did. Best decision I've ever made, helped me far more then anything the doc's did. All my symptoms including my pain are much better now. You might want to try it yourself. I hope my post helps you, even if only to know your not alone.  Good luck
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Thank you so much ❤️
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Please understand that it's been decades since I've had this surgery done, so my experience may be totally different than yours.

For me, the relief from excision surgery - which was done by laparoscopy - was brief. Like you, it lasted maybe a few months.

Of course, you could have also developed a cyst, have a UTI, etc. - it might not be the endo returning. The absolutely frustrating part is that the pain is often very similar.

What treatments have you tried?

I know it's so hard to not get discouraged. Endo is awful. :(

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I go for my follow up next week and will ask about other treatments. I’m wondering if I’ll always have this pain.
Have you tried birth control pills or anything? That helped me for years, and there are newer treatments now.

I hope you can find some relief.
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