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Paragard IUD and Endometriosis

I am 24 years old and just recently had surgery to remove a endometrioma/cyst and was then diagnosed with endo. I had a Paragard IUD inserted about 2 and a half years ago because it was non-hormonal and would last for 12 years. The IUD definitely increased my menstrual cramps (TERRIBLE cramps), and about a year or so into having the IUD I started getting symptoms that I now know were caused by the endometriosis. I am going to get the IUD removed now because I don't want anything causing irritation in my uterus, but has anyone had this problem. I never had bad periods until the IUD. I know "they" don't know what causes endometriosis but it wasn't until I had the IUD, which works by causing inflammation and irritation of the endometrial tissue, that I had problems. Any thoughts? Thanks!
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I had the Mirena IUD put in last May and thought it was wonderful because I have not had a period since. Now I have been in excruciating pain for about a week. The pelvic ultrasound was negative and my OBGYN thinks I have endometriosis. My surgery is in about 2 weeks.  I seem to have all the symptoms.  I think the IUD has something to do with it.  It is interesting to read of so many people with the same issues with IUD's.  
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I have also had a paragard IUD placed, and have had it for almost 2 years. I had extreme periods for the first year, both flow and pain intensity. The flow seems to have tempered, (although not to where I was before the IUD) but the pain is still pretty intense. In the last 6-8 months I have noticed other symptoms which I have yet to see a doctor for but I am concerned it is similar to symptoms of endometriois, including a 4 month bout with what I thought was a UTI but no doctor could find an infection, nor did the antibiotics or 'pain relief' help. I've developed Raynauds. I now have cramping all through the month, rather than just around my scheduled menstrual cycle and occasionally spot. I have other symptoms that coincide with endometriosis that all developed after I had it placed. I am seeing a doctor next week with my laundry list of symptoms and my ideas of the connection to my IUD. I'll let you know the outcome.
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I had the same problems that you are talking about when it comes to symptoms getting worse after the insertion of the IUD. I had my IUD inserted and a couple of months later, my symptoms (cramping all the time, excrutiating pain, bowel issues, etc.) seemed to appear out of nowhere. I have since had a laparoscopy and they did find endometriosis, scar tissue, and adhesions. My doctor informed me that the hormones in the Mirena IUD are not enough to mask the symptoms of endometriosis like regular birth control pills are. While I was blaming the IUD, it was actually just the fact that I was not on the right kind of birth control to treat the symptoms. My doctor is now wanting to remove the IUD and use a different hormonal birth control.
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At what point do the symptoms from an IUD no longer become normal and warrant removal of the IUD?  I can handle the heavier periods but the pain is excruciating.  I've had my paraguard IUD for 3 months.  For those with severe cramping like me, did the pain ever subside?  if so how long did that take?  I too am starting to be concerned about endometriosis.  HELP!
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I had a problem free pregnancy at age 24 (pregnant immediately, suggesting no 'endo').   No problems with cramping at periods.   I got an IUD (copper) around age 32 and have had nothing but problems since then.   I had the horribly long periods with awful cramps.   I finally had it removed after about 3 years.   My periods were less but still heavier than before and more cramping than before.
I recently had trouble becoming pregnant (age 38).   I had a laporoscopic surgery and the doctor found extensive endometriosis.
Coincidence?   No family history of endometriosis... (nor anyone in my family that has ever had any trouble getting pregnant) so I don't know.
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I am seriously considering a lawsuit. It's crazy how much pain and suffering this has caused me. I am glad to see we are all not alone. I am sure there are more possible women out there that are now suffering from this and haven't connected it yet. I promise I will try to prove this one way or another. Anyone in here interested please email me @ ***@****
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