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Persistent Genital Arousal??

I'm having this same issue for the past 2 weeks. I feel a pressure on my lower abdomen and a constant need to urinate. Every hour or so I keep getting these spasms that feels like its near my clitoris. Just within the past few days I've been in a constant state or arousal and masterbation makes it worse. I can't even drive in the Car because the vibrations drives me mad. It keeps me up at night. I'm in tears and all my googling brings up symptoms of PGAS. I can't imagine feeling like this forever. I'm going crazy already! The only thing that seems to help is by kind of forcing my lower muscles to relax. Occasionally I feel a light stab sensation in my clitoris. Is anybody else going through this?
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Do you have Endometriosis? Just curious so I can try to help and see what I can suggest. It sounds like you have PGAS and I would have to guide you to another forum as this one is for Endometriosis.
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Is this like a vibration type of sensation?  Almost like a cell phone vibrating?  I have experienced this and it's thought to possibly be from my ovarian cysts, fibroid and/or the endometriosis.  It can sometimes get pretty intense and drives me crazy!  Although, mine doesn't feel much more like a state of arousal, but more of just a light vibration sensation.  The thought is that the pressure from these growths could be causing this sensation, maybe from pressing on a nerve.  A friend of mine with endo and cysts also experienced this sensation.  Some women may also experience uterine spasms or bladder spasms that can feel similar.  Just thought I would pass along that there could be another explanation for this feeling, especially if you do have a history of fibroids, endo or cysts, or bladder problems.  May be worth a call to your doctor, just to get everything checked out and make sure all is well.
There are thousands of nerves that run through that area and if there is one that is being aggravated, inflamed or compressed by cysts/endo its possible that this could happen
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Hi! I feel the same thing, it's honestly freaking me out. Feels like a throbbing, like I'm constantly turned on-for NO reason! It's awful. Have you gotten any answers from your Dr yet? Or has it subsided? Mine started yesterday, randomly, while laying on my back on the couch!
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