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Please shed the light for me!

Hi ladies!

I am 27 years old and have just been diagnosed with endometriosis in August of 2007. This came as a shock to me because I have NEVER had any pain and always had regular uneventful periods ever since I started them at 12.

It all started when I went for an US in July that was ordered by my GI dr because I was having issues with my IBS. The US showed that I had a 6cm complex cyst on my left ovary. When I went for another US it showed that another 6cm mass had emerged on my right ovary. I decided to have the surgery because they suspected that it could be cancer due to the size.

Well in the end I had a large endometrioma on each ovary and I had to have my left ovary removed. The right ovary was just as bad, but due to my age and having no children he wanted to do as much as he could to save it. I ended up going on Lupron Depot for 6 months and have just finished that therapy and he now wants to put me on Depot Provera so I don't ovulate.

I must admit that I am left in the dark a little about this and even internet sites seem vague on this disease. I have some questions that I hope one of you women can answer for me.

1. I asked my doctor what stage of endo I had. He didn't tell me. He only said that I was complete mess in there and being that I had lost my ovary and that it was stuck to my bowel wall that it was pretty bad. So what stage does that sound like? I'm guessing 5 since I lost an ovary too it.

2. My Gyn also told me and my fiance that I should have no problems having kids in the future. Yet, he said that my remaining ovary was just as bad as the left one and from what I read endo pretty much leaves you infertile. I'm decidedly childfree so my fertility doesn't bother me, but I'd just like to know.

3. This sounds silly, but since I lost one of my ovaries will I go into menopause sooner? I know you are born with a finite number of them in each ovary and since a majority of them are gone now will that make me get there sooner?

4. I was on Lupron Depot for 6 months and have no side effects at all. He wants me to go on Depot Provera, but I heard a lot of horror stories about it. Then again I heard a lot of them too about Lupron and I was fine. My gyn said that Depot has less side effects than Lupron so I should have no problem. Have any of you got this treatment?

Thank you ladies so much for helping me! I am still in shock because I was happy and healthy and then in two weeks I was diagnosed with this disease and am going through so much. I bought a book called Endometriosis for Dummies and it has helped so far with what I read, but if you guys can give me any other books to check out that would be great too. I just worry so much and don't want any more surgery if I can avoid it!
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It sounds like stage III but could be stage IV.  The only way to ever find out if your going to be able to have children is when you start to try.  You dont need two ovaries to concieve and as long as its functional you can bear children.  Again you wont know until you try.  It may also take longer than usual it too me a year and a half.  If you lost both ovaries you would. It will take a bit for the one ovary to compensate for the other.  You are fine with one ovary no worries. I was on the lupron shot for 3 months after my surgery and i had so many side effects.  I think being on any of those meds will have long term effects in the future.   Plus the only thing it does is suppress it from growing for a bit. Endometriosis never goes away if you have it and the likelyhood of having another surgery in the future is very strong.  I had my surgery in june and was diagnosed with stage IV and now after being on the lupron and the pill continuously it has returned again. The best thing to do is if you are going to have any children at all start right after you get married and not wait. As for anything you can do to keep it at bay, try getting this book called hip chicks guide to macrobiotics. Its a book on a diet made for patients with endo.  it is very hard to follow but the key is that you try it and change how you eat and live your life.  No dairy, red meat, sugar, only whole grains, fresh fruit and vegetables etc.  pretty much a raw food diet is the best. You will see a big difference. I will never go on those injections again and that is just me.  you are putting chemicals in your body just to suppress it.  in my friends list here i have a friend named mary53 and she is great with info on bioidentical hormones. Its a natural form of hormones instead of taking the pill and that.  It is a cream that is compounded just for you but only certain dr's are aware of this and know how to get it so you are going to have to look around. Read her profile and ask her some questions because she is very knowledgeable on the subject.  

Any more questions feel free to ask me :)  i hope i could help somewhat

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Hi there,  
I was reading  you story and I am very sorry that you are facing all this prob at your age.I  was diagnosed with this condition 4 years ago when I was trying for a IVF  and was told that my chances of conceiving were slim , contrary from you I had a very painful periods..After 2  unssuccessfull IVH, I gave up, then did some research on internet and I came across with herbs medicin, I decided to give it a try and all I can say to you I have no regret  for trying so,  Went back to my doctor for a check up and he seems very please with result achived and thinks that I am ready to have a baby, I  don't see the reason why shouldn't you have a baby with one ovary, maybe you should try the Herbs.here are the list of the Herbs I went for :RED CLOVER,SIBERIAN GINSENG.CHASTE TREE AND **** QUAI. Please do some research about this herbs and see what you can come out with and let me know how you doing.

Good luck

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Hi  is xuxu again,

I noticed that the last name of the herb i mentoined is not complit so here you are  is: **** QUAI this herb is very well known in the World of fertility specially in Chine.

send news

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I've never done Depo Provera but I have a friend who's using it with great success.  She's a couple of years older than me and it's kept her from having to have a complete hysterectomy.  Her endo isn't as bad as mine though.  The last endometrioma I had removed was the size of a soft-ball and it was inside my ovary.  I absolutely didn't want to lose that ovary unless there was no other option so I found a doctor who was able to make a window in the ovary and remove the endometrioma, allowing me to preserve my fertility for a bit longer.  I'm 34 and have been TTC for about 4 years now.  I'm about ready to give up on that though.  It's not just the thought of losing my fertility but the other things that go along with early menopause, bone loss, night sweats, vaginal dryness, you name it and it would be my luck to have to experience it.  I did do Lupron, 2 different times, and had all of the usual side effects, but for me it was an okay trade off, I did without daily pelvic pain and coped with the side effects.  Good luck!
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Having an ovary removed does not necessarily mean early menopause.  I have a relative who had an ovary removed, went on to have a family, and menopaused at 56.  I hope this reassures you on this one at least.
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I know how you feel, I am also 27 with no kids and was diagnosed with endometriosis two years ago.I had pain just like yours.I had surgery and than doctor put me on birth contol.Doctor says I can get this one shot for six month but the sideeffects are like menopause.Don't think I be every ready for that.I wish knew about this web page when I was diagnosed.
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Sounds like your doctor is talking about Lupron Depot.  I've had 2 rounds of it, 3 months the first time and 6 months the second time.  Yeah, the side effects suck, but I was pretty much pain free when I was on it.  I don't know where you live, but here where I am it's about $500 a shot, luckily my insurance paid for it since I had a surgical diagnosis of endo and that's the course of treatment I chose.  The side effects go away as soon as you discontinue the Lupron so you don't have to worry about it after that and there should be nothing to keep you from being able to conceive at a later day, as far as the Lupron goes anyway...the endo on the other hand may.  Lupron puts your body in to menopause, so you also have to consider things like bone loss and make sure to get lots of calcium in your diet, but that's one of the things that also stops when you stop taking the medicine.  Let me know if you want to know more.
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