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Possible endometriosis??

Hi everyone,
I have suspected for a long time that I have endometriosis or some underlying issue. I am not certain that it is endometriosis and I know that it can only be diagnosed for certain by a lap so I just wondered of any of you have had similar experiences to mine? Any feedback appreciated:-)
Background: I am 22 years old and otherwise healthy. I started my periods 10 years ago. They have always been difficult and irregular. Mostly 5-7 weeks apart I guess. Never less than 5, sometimes as long as 12 weeks. The cramping is unbearable for the first 2 days. I know when I feel them starting to come on that I need to just go home because they are going to continue to get worse for at least the next 24 hours. I can feel the contracting so badly that it's a mixture of nausea and just severe throbbing pain. I get really weak, can just about make it from the bathroom to my bed and back again. When the cramps are at their worst, they are accompanied by diarrhea for hours. I can't sleep with the pain. When I take painkillers, they sometimes take the edge off for a couple of hours but when they wear off I just wake up in agony. I often feel like throwing up when they are happening but rarely do. Also I feel as though I am going to faint.
Clotting is sometimes an issue. Usually just small clots that are not really a big deal. Sometimes medium clots that just come out when I urinate. (Sorry TMI) However, there was one instance when a couple of days after my period had stopped I had further cramps and passed a big clot about 2-3 inches in length. I wondered at the time if maybe it was an early miscarriage rather than a period. This was about 2 years ago. I was away from home at the time so had to go to a doctor I didn't know who just said that she didn't think it was serious, sometimes weird things happen our bodies and to come back if it got worse. I felt fine afterward so never went back.
I have gone to my own doctor numerous times over the last few years for this issue. In fact, I never go for any other reason. I am just getting beyond frustrated at this point. She just constantly suggests going on birth control pills. I have in the past but they made me put on weight. She switched me to two other types at diffrenet stages which did the same. In the last year I have put a lot of work into weight loss and I lost 2 stone. Birth control pills just don't seem to suit me and I don't want to risk putting back on the weight as it took a lot to lose it! But overall I just don't think this is normal. All my friends periods have settled down a long time ago or never caused them trouble in the first place. I know the pain isn't normal because no one seems to get just how bad it is. That much is obvious when exercise is suggested. I do exercise very regularly and I enjoy it but I literally can't stand up straight when the cramps set in so obviously that is not an option, unfortunately!
The main reason that I am not positive it is endometriosis is that I know that periods are supposed to get significantly worse with time with this condition. I'm not sure that is the case with me as they have always been bad. Sometimes I get an exceptionally bad one but I wouldn't say that each one is worse than the last.
Any advice appreciated. Sorry if this is all TMI:-)
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Don't worry about TMI here, we've all been through it or worse!
Although I am not a doctor nor medical expert and my opinions/thoughts cannot replace medical advice...It very well could be endo - your story sounds similiar to mine, except I've had huge clots. And when I would shower while on my cycle, it looked like a murder scene in the bathroom. It was aweful. Anyways, if you cannot get your doctor to listen to you, go to another one. Get copies of everything at the current office then take them home and make your own set so that you always have them (done this a few times). Then take a set to your new doctor  if you choose that route. If it were me, I would honestly push for a laparoscopy. It took me many of doctors to finally say "this is not normal." Good luck to you and if you have any questions, feel free to send me a message :-)
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Ask your ob/gyn about possible adenomyosis which is endometrial growths within your uterine wall.  Unfortunatly, the only way to truly diagnose this is by hysterectomy and microspic exam of removed uterus.  I have been diagnosed with this based upon my symptoms.  Which is large clots in menstration sometimes the size of large silver dollar or bigger) and extreme pain first two days of period.  The way it was explained to me is the growths within the uterus prevent the proper contractions needed to expel menstral blood so it pools in your uterus and clots causing pain.  worth looking into.  Also, I agree with a chronic condition you need a doctor who listens, and whose opinion you trust.
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