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Pressure around the pubic bone due to Endo?

My main symptoms are extreme pressure feeling around the pubic bone/clitoral area. I had a UTI and a vaginitis in May Wich was mistreated and got really bad and I always had pelvic pain (no PID). STD test, urine culture is negative . I have a painful , moveable nodule in my Douglas area, doctor said it might be endo. CA 125 level is normal. I'm on dienogest BC right now, my pain lessen but I have frequent urination and pressure plus my clitoris feels weird. Can it be due to endometriosis? I took a lot of antibiotics lately so I'm pretty sure I have candida as well.
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Honestly, I'd guess it is more related to the candida.  Have you been treated with Diflucan?  this is not to say you don't have endo though.  What's happened since you wrote this post?
I talked to many people who had trigonitis due to candida, they all tried Diflucan, but it didn't work for them, after that they changed the antimycotic to itrakonazole (Omicral, Onungal in my country) and after 1-2 months on it they all got well. Right now i'm going to try this treatment and i got an MRI appointment to look for endo or other cause for my pain. To be honest i only feel pain around the clitoral area, really down and my muscles are contracted so i'm pretty sure my pain is due to the trigonitis, it is a horrible condition. I take medication for the muscle spasm that helps me tremendously, and sometimes oxybutinin for the bladder spasm. Drinking herbal tea, following the candida diet, maybe ill try pelvic floor physiotherapy and i'll update in a month if anything has changed. Meanwhile i'm going back to gyn to check if i have enough lactobacilli in my vagina.
I forgot to mention that i had a cystoscopy and the doctor said that i have trigonitis due to candida
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You sound like one smart cookie!  I think you've done your home work here and covered your bases well.  I hope the new treatment medication does the trick.  And please come back and tell us as well as sharing your MRI results/  

Pelvic floor physical therapy can be an awesome thing.  I've done pelvic floor yoga for a different problem that discomfort.  Two kids kind of shot my pelvic floor and heave forbid if I jump up or down or sneeze unexpectedly with a full bladder.  Sigh.  LOL  But I think that is a great idea to try as well.

Keep in touch as I'm following this!
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