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Recurring Endometrioma?

Has anyone had an endometrioma grow back after laparoscopic surgery?  And if so, how soon did it happen and what did you do?
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I had endometrioma removed three times being that it grew back. My first one came back within 7 months and had my second surgery not even 1 year after my first one. My last surgery for endometrioma was almost four years ago. I will be having lap surgery within 6 weeks due to endo and adhesions on my bladder and back of uterus. They will be checking for endometrioma just incase. Every endometrioma that I had it was not detected in ultrasound,it was hidden. I had no choice but to have surgery each time because it grew so big and kept having free fluid. Always keep in mind have it checked if it bothers you and talk to your doctor about this.
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Thanks Shelly.  Sorry you have had it come back so many times.  I'm afraid of that.  Never had any trouble at all before and now since this was removed....I am starting to feel the effects again (only had my surgery end of January 09) and had 1 large 10cm endometrioma removed off left ovary.  Dr. had said everything else looked good so not sure what is going on.  I have an appt to see the gyne/surgeon June 24th.
Thanks for your info......Good luck with your surgery.
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well sue, Im sorry to tell you , but this is my 5th time getting it.....it get very frustrating!!!!!
if you dont like the answers you get from you r doctors, try another one!
I do not know what the answer is to not get it again, but I know we have got to keep looking, and asking for help!
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I also had an endometrioma removed.  It developed in the first place because of a c-section, so I asked the dr...if I got this thing because of an abdominal surgery, am I at risk of getting another one by having an abdominal surgery to remove it?

Her answer was yes..they could only hope that another one does not develop.

I hope all goes well for you
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Have you taken any birth control bills or any shots to prevent the endometrioma from coming back?

I just had a 6 cm endometrioma removed about a month ago. My doctor wants me to get pregnant first, because I am 33 and never had a baby.

He told me that after I have my baby, I will need to go on pills right away.

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Actually, I did not take anything after my surgery as doc figured it looked clean and that they got it all,....however, 6 months later, I've started having some problems again, so I am now on birth control pills. I've only been on for 1 and a half months and they are making me feel so sick.  I go back to see him again August 18 (at that time they are going to tell me results of my TVUS as well.)
Good luck with everything!!  Hope you will have a beautiful healthy baby soon!  I am 45 and have 2 teenagers so that's not an issue for me.
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I did research on endometriosis and most websites mentioned that about 40% of endometriomas will come back if the patient is not on some sort of birth control pill.

How big was your endometrioma the second time?

My laparotomy hurted so bad. I couldn't even move for the first 2 weeks.  I am 4 weeks already and still having pain and a lot of pressure and bloating in my abdomen.

I am kind of scared right now because I don't know how long it will take me to have a baby. So in the meantime I am afraid that the endometrioma will grow back because of my reflux menstration.

My plan is to just try 3 months to have a baby. If I don't get pregnant, I'm just going to go ahead and start taking birth control pills.

But even on birth control, you will still get your period, it just won't be as heavy. So I suspect that blood will still collect inside the adhesion.

You should also ask your doctor about Lupron shots. My doctor told me that the shot will stop your period completely. I think I plan to try that one out too.

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Hi there.  I had a 6 cm endometrioma removed from my left ovary and adhesions also last December.  Afterwards, I was given the 3 month Lupron shot to control the endometriosis, and 6 months later I feel quite fine.

They did a TV US four months after the surgery and I have been checked by the GYN and there is no sign of endometrioma or any kind of adhesions.

The Lupron helps control the endometriosis and helps improve your fertility.  The doctor says that I am doing great and now I am trying to have kids since the clock is ticking and I do wish to have kids.

It took me a year to get operated since I didn't find a doctor who was also worried about maintaining my fertility, and when I found this GYN he ran several tests and then told me I needed surgery.  I had a laparotomy (bikini incision) and was able to be back on my feet in a short time.  I never had any real symptoms related to endometriosis (heavy periods, pain, irregular periods, bloating, etc) and just by doing a CAT SCAN because I suffer from urinary infections and bowel syndrome, they found the cyst and they believed it was malignant, but thank God it wasn't.

So my recommendation, is find a doctor you feel comfortable with and look at the options you have.  And based on that, decide what to do.

Hope this info helps.

Take care,

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I have not had it confirmed that my endometrioma has come back for the 2nd time. It just feels like it. I had my TVUS and go back to the gyn for appt/results mid-August.  In the meantime, he gave me the BC pills. My doctor did talk to me about Lupron shots.  They didn't sound great to me.  He said that most people think it puts you in a menopause state, but more like a pre-puberty state.  He said that you experience all the menopause symptoms though and so he often suggests people try a few months of these shots to see how they will be if they have to have a hysterectomy.  I think I'm hoping the BC pills will work for me.  I just wish they would stop making me feel so sick!  I'm definitely going to ask him to switch to some other pills.  Sorry you are having trouble with not feeling great after your laparotomy.  I am so lucky my surgeon did the laparoscope.  I had to get a 2nd opinion....first doc wouldn't do it.  Good luck with getting pregnant!!  Hopefully it will work out just as you are hoping it will.  Stay in touch.
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Glad to hear things are going well for you.  I'm just hoping that mine endometrioma has not grown back.  I've got some symptoms again, but maybe it's nothing.  I find out the results of my TVUS mid August at my next gyn appt so I'll know more then.  For now I'm taking BC pills, which are making me feel really sick, so I'll see if I can get him to switch the pills.  I've had all my kids (have 2 teenagers) so my fertility isn't an issue, although not really ready to deal with menopause!  LOL.  I was like you.  Had no endometriosis symptoms ever.  Had no idea I had any problems until one night in severe pain, thought I had kidney stones and they found the endometrioma.  Well I hope that things continue going well for you.  Take care.  Thanks for your advice.
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Well, I'm a bit worried right now. I got my laparotomy done 4 weeks ago. Right now, I am on my 2nd menstrual cycle. I'm not taking birth control pills right now because I want to have a baby. But I am worried that my endometrioma will grow back within these few months since I'm not taking any pills. How many months do you think I should try to have a baby? My periods are heavy, that's why I'm afraid it will grow back.  I really don't want to go through surgery again, it was so painful and devastating for me.
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